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Entry 15  Peace Be With You

September 8, 2019

Someone told me once that I'm always reaching for more.  She said that I should always be happy with what I had.  It weighed heavy on me for years, probably more subjectively than consciously.  Then I discovered metaphysics.  Something in me came alive as I peered into this seemingly bottomless pit of possibilities and new truths to my awareness.  My soul danced with joy because it knew, even if I didn't, that the more I reached, the more God expanded within me.

What are we collectively dreaming of or yearning for?  A day without the media streams of corrupt politicians and fighting somewhere in the world?  Maybe a day without another storm, tsunami, hurricane or tornado?  Domestic violence?  Children living in poverty?  Cancer?

The great teacher Jesus said that the poor will always be with us.  There will always be wars or rumors of war.  But, he says that his peace will be with us too.  We can dream of a world we desire, or we can continue to hold the vision of our present world.  Together we can see the vision and live our world to a better place.  

When we dream of things and ask why not, we are allowing the divine urges within each of us to soar.  Our dreams are our divine urges, and we are responsible for putting legs under them.  We make changes to the world at large by first creating those changes within ourselves.  Don't be fooled by what your mere senses show you.  Instead, be the change.  We will never get peace or happiness from life.  Rather we must bring them to life.   Peace be with you.  

Entry 14   Perspective

August 5, 2019

Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned 68 by most standards.  So, let's say 5 months from now, someone asks me how old I am.  What would I tell them?  68 or in my 69th year?  Trick question?  Not really, at least from my perspective.  My wife laughs every time I bring this up.  I really don't think she believes my philosophy on this.  I contend that when one is "born" until their 1st birthday, they have lived 1 year.  Does that sound right?  Now we say they are 1 year old.  They have completed 1 year of physical life.  The day after their birthday they have entered into their 2nd year of breathing air.  Technically they are no longer 1 but we tell everyone for that whole year that the child is 1 year old.  Semantics you say?  Perhaps, but just reflect on what we have held onto for ages.  There is no real wrong or right here because after you tell someone your age, whatever it may be, they'll probably forget an hour later anyway.  

When you think about it, most folks see a lot of things differently than we do.  I guess that's what diversity is all about.  If someones view on something makes them comfortable, who are we to tell them that they are wrong?  We should simply smile and move on, leaving them to what they believe at that moment.  Who knows, they may very well change their perspective at some juncture down the road.  Life has a funny way of giving us opportunities to shift gears on a belief system that has seen better days.  

The challenge I've had working with people who come to me to initiate some kind of change in their lives, is first meeting them in a neutral zone of where they are with their beliefs.  Beliefs are precious and they've served us sometimes from the time we were old enough to understand the language we were brought up in.  Some beliefs are sewn into the fabric of their family values.  I have to respect that and carefully and lovingly show them how it no longer serves them based on where they intend to go.  Then introduce new ideas and concepts that better synchronize with their intention for an outcome in their favor.  Before long they will have adopted a new belief they can hold onto for as long as they choose to.  

For the most part we find it difficult to accept change, especially if it's thrust upon us.  That can happen because we've failed to heed the signs that have shown up telling us that we need to yield, or move or stop.  If you listen as you go along on your life path you will encounter times where you recognize that a change is needed.  Take your time, and before you consult your family, friends or co-workers, consult with your emotional guidance system. Look at the possibilities first from your old perspective, then from the new one.  Now feel.  What does your heart say?  If you choose the new one and you need help, trust it will show up from the right source for you.


Entry 13  Awaken to a New Beginning

July 9, 2019

I believe it is my life's purpose to help individuals understand their behaviors that detrimentally affect their day to day living. As we worked together, it led us to identify and release a variety of negative emotions, anxieties and low self esteem issues.  I discovered that many of my clients had no idea that they could have, do or be anything they desired. In fact, it was their birth right and their divine right to claim it without any doubt or fear.  This was their new beginning. 

I understood over time that the biggest issue was a lack of awareness of who they really are and the power they have over what they allow in their lives.  Yes, life can definitely be hard, and even cruel at times.  Once they understood the bigger picture which presented a fresher perspective of the reason behind what they were experiencing, things became easier to grasp.  It was never my job to change someone's belief system, but instead to offer concepts that gave them options to change their own beliefs relative to how life works, and what their responsibilities were, if they so chose.

The main theme with every one of my clients was pretty much the same thing.  Everyone wanted love, good health, rewarding jobs and a good measure of financial freedom.  However, the questions always remained as to how to experience that and why does it seem so elusive?

Several years ago, this term called the Law of Attraction was making it's debut in books and movies everywhere.  People became excited with the possibility that they could think themselves into their hearts desires.  Unfortunately, many were not having the success they thought they should be having after reading all those books and watching the movie, "The Secret".  Truthfully, many ended up calling the Law of Attraction, HOGWASH.

The reason for this is that many of the books and the movie left out important and life changing information about the roadblocks they would encounter on the road to manifest change.  Nor did they mention any ways to neutralize their roadblocks.  

This was the missing piece of "The Secret".  I knew immediately what was wrong and how they could fill in this missing formula with options and methods to eradicate emotional and mental issues that contradicted the image of themselves that they wanted.  Creating what you want is a process, but you must be a clear vessel for the best and quickest results.

Seeing as you are reading this from my blog, you are already at a stage of your evolution that is stretching and seeking the "moreness" to your life and are hungry for answers.  I used to tell my clients that we mostly walk through life with blinders on, giving us a very narrow and limited view of reality.  My job was to pull those blinders off and give them more of a peripheral  view of what life can be.  Changing one's perception of their life is a daunting task, but this change always led to big "ah-ha" moments.  Every human knows a higher level of truth instinctively.  When a truth is presented, all of a sudden clarity sets in and a new way of thinking or remembering occurs.  This is life changing and thrilling!  Just imagine the possibility of someone taking you by the hand to re-introduce you to yourself from a higher perspective.

Entry 12  We Are What We Believe (Part 2)

June 19, 2019

The Law of Belief states that what we believe (with feeling, commitment and intention) will become our living reality.  It also is a Universal Law which can either help you achieve success, or keep you from achieving it, depending upon whether you live in accordance with the law.  You see, the simple fact is that if there is something that you want to attract into your life and it is even slightly inconsistent with your belief system, you are going to slow down the energy force that brings it to you or you may neutralize it entirely.

With these universal laws you can focus on something you desire so much but if there is a deeply rooted feeling that you don't deserve it, well, guess what?  If you don't think you're good enough, then so does the universal energy.

Remember this important point.  Your thoughts are determined largely by the quality of your beliefs, which in turn form your perceptions.  So, if you've come to a point in your life where you're determined to make changes for the better and you've been led to study and practice the law of attraction, just know that the law reflects your mindset.  It's like a magnet in a sense and things are metal filings.  It doesn't care what you want or where you point it.  It starts to attract, first in the ethereal field, then eventually in the physical field. 

Good or positive thoughts equal good results.  Bad or negative thoughts equal not so good results.  Be mindful about your thoughts and when thinking about what you want to bring to you, be one with it right down to the core.

Once you think a thought, you've already given birth to it on one level.  It can only survive and thrive if you believe in it, are enthused and excited about owning it, and are grateful for it's result before it's in your reality space. You have heard the doubters and naysayers out there proclaim, "I'll believe it when I see it"!  But, it is the other way around, it is not until you believe it that you will see it, (no matter what "it" is).

Deliberate co-creation is like baking a cake.  Each recipe has specific ingredients.  You may very well be able to bake a cake leaving out an ingredient or two, but it may not rise right, or it may be too dry, or just take like, well, not very good.  Living a life of harmony, bliss and plenty is no different.  We need to understand and utilize the "ingredients" that are directing what we attract to us.  The problem is that the older we are, the harder it is to accept and practice the guidelines of Universal Law.  Old habits and belies die hard.  If we had become familiar with these principles from the get go, along with math and spelling, it would be nothing at all to fully realize our dreams.

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An ongoing series of informational entries

Entry 11  We Are What We Believe (Part 1)

June 2, 2019

You want to manifest, so you look at the Law of Attraction.  Then you want to make changes in your life, some major and some minor, but ALL significant.  We all want good health, a loving relationship, financial stability or just the ability to be in a place of peace and harmony.  Everyone on the planet, no matter from what country or stature, would agree with this.  It's just the natural desire of "being" human.

Many have spent countless hours, days, months and even years searching and researching ways to bring these desires into their life, and are now finally grasping that the Law of Attraction is responsible for what you have or what you don't have.  After all, the Law of Attraction says that whatever we place or dominant thoughts on with enthusiasm, will be attracted to us, right?  Well, yes...thoughts do become things.

One of the most important ingredients in manifesting is how we think.  This puts us in the drivers seat to design the life that we have been dreaming about.  It certainly seems easy enough.  So, why haven't we learned about this concept back in school?  It would have made life so much easier up to this point.  To answer the age old question, "Is this all there is to my life"?, we must begin to realize that co-creation takes a little work on our part.  It's important to note that first, this law is a Universal that has been in existence since the very beginning of time.  It's always working, whether you know it or not, and whether you believe it or not.

You create a life in one of two distinct ways; either by intention, or by default.  Take an assessment of your life for a moment.  Look around at what you have and what's going on in your life.  From the house you live in to the car you drive, to the work you do for a living and to the relationships that you're involved in.  Don't forget your current state of health or your bank account.  Really look at them and determine if you are an active participant in bringing any of them into what you call reality, or they just kind of happened.  To be objective you must take ownership.  It's certainly easy to say, "I worked for that", but often, when bad stuff happens, we don't like to blame ourselves for bringing it into our lives.  It's so much easier to blame outside circumstances or people, isn't it?

Here is the honest truth that we need  to be reminded of often; we attract everything, either consciously or unconsciously.  Now stop and ask yourself how many times you thought, "why would I want something bad to happen"?  Consciously it doesn't make any sense that we would purposely bring something bad into our world.  In fact it's been my experience that while helping people overcome adversities, I had to tip-toe into this area for fear that someone would get downright upset at my suggestion that they brought it on themselves!  Victim mentality has been the downfall of many and the reason why people get stuck in their misery.

Surprisingly, you should know that there are other Universal Laws in play designed to harmonize with the Law of Attraction.  As I explain in detail in my book, Genesis 101, The Metaphysical Cosmology in the Process of Creation, the whole idea of transformation and co-creation depends on harmonizing with many Universal Laws that dovetail one another to produce a particular result.  Looking back to the definition of the Law of Attraction, I left something out intentionally, to introduce this law.  Maybe you caught it?  Whatever we place our dominant thought on with enthusiasm and belief, we attract into our lives.  Enter the Universal Law of Belief.

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An ongoing series of informational entries

Entry 10  The Gift

May 3, 2019

The great Sufi mystic Rumi once said, “You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life”?

We all have many gifts, extraordinary gifts. Gifts of perception, insight, and creativity. Gifts of preferences, leanings, and inclinations.

But there is one, just one, that while often overlooked is the most sublime and profound of all, availing you of wonders beyond wonder, and the power to wonder some more.

It is, of course, to think. To choose a focus. To see the world however you like... and to experience it accordingly.

I have devoted over 30 years in the pursuit and study of the nature of reality, the Science of Mind and the Science of Deliberate Creation. Looking into the complexities of metaphysical concepts and universal law. Working at unraveling the various theories and techniques coupled to the Law of Attraction to understand the process of manifestation. I even wrote a book on the topic of co-creation. For me it has been an intoxicating field of study to say the least. A field I soon learned that had within it the proverbial rabbit hole lurking. Well, I didn’t find it, it found me, and I fell in. It’s a deep subject full of mystery and intrigue, but the thought of understanding more of not only who we really are, but just how things we sometimes don’t pay any attention to actually work, has made that fall a thrill ride.

I’ve learned and am still leaning, much more than I have time to share here. However, one important truth I learned was that we humans create our world in one of two ways, by intention or by default. By being conscious of your gift of thought and using it to build your life, or by being unconscious of your thinking, not realizing the power your thoughts wield, as you live your life by random happenstance.

Right now, my work as a transformational life coach is to help people manifest their dreams and desires. To literally create their world, or at least a part of it by intention if you will. It sounds like a tall order but really, they do all the work. It starts with them using their gift of thought. The very gift we all use, mostly unconsciously from the time we open our eyes in the morning until we let go to fall asleep each night. Their first exercise now, is to think about what they’re thinking about because what you think about expands.

By becoming aware of what you’re thinking about helps you see why you are experiencing what you’re experiencing and if what you’re experiencing is inconsistent with what you want in your life well, guess what? Something has to change.

The people I work with have these desires. We all have desires really, but these folks really want to bring them into the light of day. Now I could tell you where these desires come from and why we get them, but I’d be putting one foot into that rabbit hole and we don’t have time for that now.

Suffice to say that these desires bring on a little more intense or focused thinking. We call this imagination. Imagination is the gemstone we harvest with focused thinking. Once you’ve engaged the power of your imagination toward a goal or desire, something else magically appears that becomes the next ingredient necessary to realize your dream. That is e-motion, or energy in motion.

Once your wonderful imagination has built the picture of what you want, the emotion you feel actually experiencing the realized desire in thought, becomes the accelerate that brings it to you from nowhere to now here. As wonderful as this all sounds, it is a double-edged sword because if you’re not thinking about what you want, you very well may be thinking about what you don’t want which will still produce emotion, unfortunately negative emotions. Creating by default.

Now I’m not revealing any secrets here because you’ve all been doing it in one form or another for years. You’ve all heard the saying, be careful what you think about, because you just might get it. Truer words were never spoken.

May I suggest you examine your gift, get your intentions in order, and hand them over to your imagination? Your desires are a focused thought away.

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An ongoing series of informational entries

Entry 9 Painting the Canvas

April 1, 2019

Without even realizing it, your mind is creating, designing and following through with some map, plan, or idea of who you are right now. The mind has a tendency to constantly paint old pictures on the canvas, and yet the future is blank so, there is always room for more! If you believe that the past creates the future, how could you possibly give life to any of your desires? What if who you become tomorrow has nothing to do with who you thought you were yesterday? In order to become a conscious co-creator , you must learn to continuously live in this FREE creative space where you are always choosing the pictures you want to paint about your tomorrow, instead of leaving it up to the whimsical design created by yesterday’s memories. When the mind is truly free from ANY limiting thoughts or beliefs, you will realize that ANYTHING in this Universe is possible for you to attain. This is when your life gets really exciting!

It’s important to understand that living as if the future is a blank canvas also means trusting the great unknown and the infinite possibilities it contains. Something miraculous happens when you take on this mission. Stress leaves your body, you relax deeper inside about everything, and you experience an infinite supply of energy inside you that you may not have realized was there. Trusting life’s unfolding process is the foundation for a powerful manifesting vibration.

Something very powerful and divine ignites inside you when you release your attachment to the mind’s illusions of your past, present and future. The constant struggle for attaining what you want suddenly becomes a big letting go game. The borders on your blank canvas disappear, and you realize that what you can create happens first on the inside, in your imagination. Now, your life is about embracing the unknown instead of avoiding it. Those challenging parts of yourself become a place of curiosity and source of creativity, giving you a palette of paints and paintbrushes, with a divine inner direction to explore.

Beware that your mind will always try to get ahead of you and re-establish its old concepts about the past and future. It feels comfortable being attached to ideas and struggling to attain its desires. Your mind likes to think it’s in charge of everything. Yet, the more enforcing it is the more struggling you experience, and the less inspired creativity flows through. To discover what you really want, no struggle is needed. The only requirement is a deep relaxation into the realization of the infinite unbounded being you already are.

The mind cannot grasp this. It can only comprehend specific techniques, strategies, tools, and formulas. It is very demanding and wants to know HOW I can have what I want NOW! It believes that there is only one magical formula that will work every time. The mind is a constantly searching mechanism that doesn’t know anything about SEARCHING. It’s always crazily looking for something substantial to help it reach the top of its magnificent dream. This perpetual desperate searcher is exactly what gets in the way of receiving the desired outcome you want! So, let’s free your mind from the stress it’s creating in your life and give it the real purpose it has been searching lifetimes for. Let’s start this inner journey by exploring the ultimate question. “Just what do I want to experience”? Listen to your heart. 

Entry 8  The Blank Canvas

March 2, 2019

Are you having a difficult day today? Hey, life happens to all of us and even though we like to try our best to start out each day on the right foot, by the days end, we may be in disarray. The outside world wields a lot of power against our best attempts a cultivating peace, harmony and optimism after opening our eyes. It’s okay. Time now to take stock in the good that you either produced or received today and let go of whatever you need to. Please don’t take the bad stuff to bed with you. Think for a moment, would you not wash your hands before bedtime if you had just worked in the garden or pumped gas in your car? A clean physical body is no more important than a clean emotional body. Now you can get some much-deserved rest and, you will have before you tomorrow morning, a blank canvas to paint your plans, desires and intentions on.

Good Morning! Let’s look at the possibilities here. This canvas can be a pretty intimidating space to create on. Sometimes people are blocked from knowing what they really want because they are afraid of making a commitment. They just think of the word commitment or hear it and freeze inside. They feel if they commit to doing ONE thing, they will be stuck with it forever, and cannot do anything else enjoyable that may come along. People are afraid of being imprisoned. However, what they may fail to realize is they are already trapped in the greatest prison there is…those uncontrollable illusions created by the mind.

If this is you, you are operating under the false pretense that you are without free will and that your future is someone set in stone. The truth is that right now your future is a blank canvas. It is bright, flawless, and totally free! You can become anyone you want to tomorrow. Who you are tomorrow is NOT tainted by what you did in the past or even who you are being in the present. It always contains the realm of infinite possibilities. The future is virgin-like, free from any concept, experience, or belief about who you were or think you are. These are the natural inherent qualities of everyone’s future and the future of this world.

Living as the future is a blank canvas can be a dramatic shift for anyone. Yet, the instant you realize that the experiences you can have tomorrow are unbounded and limitless, you stop trying to manage and control your life and start enjoying the ride! If we are attached to who we think we’ll be tomorrow, our life will eventually become an imprisoning experience. This is because we are always experiencing new things and changing our identity. On the contrary, if we are not attached to who we are, your life becomes an awesome exploration and adventure! It all depends on how much you can let go of who you think you are and trust in this amazing Universe. The greater you can feel the freedom to become ANYONE or anything, the higher your manifesting vibration will rise to assist you in bringing your dreams into your reality.

Your current design on the canvas contains all the images you have painted about who you were in the past, who you are today, and who you will be tomorrow. This is all a creative expression from your mind’s imagination which is perfectly divine and can ALL change in an instant. They are merely thoughts about who you are and have no real substance to them. You can reinvent your past by simply creating a new perception and interpretation of it and visualize that NEW person you want to be tomorrow. Again, your future is alive, fresh and FREE!

• PAINTING THE CANVAS coming next post 

Entry 7  Interpretation

February 1, 2019

Each morning I start my day with a deep meditation. Be it to seek guidance, visualize an accomplished goal, or just to listen. Then I follow up with my inspirational reading time. I'm currently reading 7 different books. Five of them on my Kindle, and two soft covers. Of course, they’re all in the Spiritual Metaphysical genre. It’s gotten to be an insatiable appetite. I mean I’ve been in that field of study now for over 30 years but, now that I’ve retired from outside stimuli, if you will, I can spend so much more time on reading than I used to.

One of my favorite authors is Neville Goddard. I have several of his works in both Kindle and soft cover format. This particular title I’m immersed in is “Interpretation of Scripture”. This is a compilation from several of Neville’s books and lectures. He was noted for his prowess in decoding the Bible in such a light that the truth of it can finally be known. It sure resonates with me, that much I know.

This morning, the quote “For God calleth these things be not as though they were”, from Romans 4:17, was the target for interpretation. He equated this verse to raising or ascending the level of consciousness. Now you’ve got to know that Neville was a firm believer that “God”, as we interpret God is actually consciousness. Plain and simple. Now read it again with that concept in mind. He said, “Things that are not now seen, will be seen the moment you become conscious of being that which is not now seen”.

What? Wow! That stopped me cold! Now that’s pretty deep. Had to read it again. So, considering that we’re talking about ascending levels of consciousness, let’s do this. Things that are not now seen, (your desires), will be seen the moment you become conscious, (aware), of being that which is not now seen, (your desire). In other words, you appropriate the consciousness of the level you desire to express, by claiming you are now expressing such a level. See the end result of achieving your desire in the face of not seeing or experiencing it yet. Doing that you’ve raised your own level of consciousness. No one else can do it to or for you.

I will leave you with this quote, “Far greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world”. 1 John 4:4. I know what it means to me. What about you?

Entry 6  Resolutions?

January 9, 2019

Welcome to 2019!  Here we go again, the echo of so many resolutions are still reverberating in the halls of the collective consciousness.  There is no doubt that the majority of those resolutions were planned out pre New Years, set to launch at 12:01 am, January 1st.  

Hopefully, those that did are currently under way in earnest and they keep focused on that goal and won't waiver under their own self-induced pressure.  Or, they won't let that prize get swept under the rug of forgetfulness due to a busy lifestyle.  

How many have you lost over the years?  I know I have scummed to running out of gas by March.  Those resolutions to change something in your life, or create something new are tough to bring into your reality.  We may all have good intentions, and start out with a head of steam on New Years Day, but why is that?  Psychologically, it's a New Year, a clean slate from all the garbage of the previous year.  

Well, guess what?  First of all, goals are certainly great and very important to have in our life, but you get a clean slate every day you wake up.  Any day can be New Years and it minimizes the pressure.  Now, take that goal or intention and break it down into smaller bites.  Do short term sub-goals with time frames that can be flexible.  This way you can easily keep your incentive alive as you attain each sub-goal.

Now, none of this is new.  Most goal setting experts will probably suggest this same idea.  What I want to stress here in this short article is the original intention.  This is the starting gate to any action we initiate.  Have your really examined this intention?  Is it really what you want?  Do you feel you deserve the end result?  Listen!  You've really got to own it, and I mean body, mind and soul.  You've got to not only see the end result, you've got to feel the end result!  It has to be a done deal before you leave the starting block.

Welcome to the Law of Inverse Transformations.  This requires only that you evoke and sustain the feeling of your realized desire until your desire is realized.

As long as you are mentally and emotionally clear, your "resolutions" will always make it to the finish line.

Entry 5  The Greatest Creation

December 4, 2018

All life, throughout this great universe, is a creation. From no-where to now-here. (notice both are the same word, just spaced different) From a single cell, to the brightest star in the night sky. All of it, is the expression of one Creator. What you call it, doesn’t really matter. Most call this God, some, Source, others, First Cause, Universal Intelligence and the list goes on. For the sake of this article, I’m choosing God.

The wonders of life in all its forms is really breathless when you take the time to look at it. We’ve even come to understand that there are even higher forms of intelligence from unexplored regions outside our universe that some have encountered. At this point in our evolution however, that has been kept “secret”, and we don’t know much about it. So, based on our perspective as human beings, actually spiritual beings having a human experience, we are considered God’s greatest creation.

This by no means is meant to downplay all other life forms. It’s just that we possess the distinct traits of both intellect and inspiration. Most animals, insects to mammals possess intellect in the form of instinct which serves them to survive for sure. They certainly create living places, develop skills to hunt food, and procreate to insure the survival of their respective species. Everything has its place.

What we have and what I want to focus on here is inspiration. We all have it. It’s what rises us up above the rest. Some say the “top of the food chain.” What is it really? I’m sure science could give us all a cleaver answer that would satisfy most, but not me so much.

It has been said that praying is talking to God. It has also been said, and this is what I buy into, that inspiration is God talking to us. The inner whispering of the Divine. Inspiration is the birthplace of desire, another exclusive human quality which gives rise to an idea. That idea now comes in contact with an emotion, yet another human trait. If that emotion is negative, the idea will be left to die away. If, on the other hand the emotion is positive, then it is put on the assembly line in the 4th dimension. Kind of like 3-D printing, only we can’t see it… yet.

Hence, what we do from here is totally up to us. There is a distinct process that brings a desire or idea into being. It happens in two possible ways. By default, or not on purpose, or the preferred road, by intention. I could go on and explain the fine art of manifestation, but it is not the “intention” of this article.

The true intention of this writing is to bring the spotlight onto you! You are God’s greatest creation! Why? I could count many reasons, but most importantly, because you are a co-creator. Through inspiration, God is seeking expression through you, the physical vessel. So, you see, desire is never a selfish thing. It is a gift that you need to pay attention to and do whatever you can to breathe life into it.

Don’t hide your light under a bushel. Thoughts are indeed things. See it, feel it, own it and then share it. You are so much more than the image that bounces back from the mirror. Tag… you’re it!

Entry 3 Foundations

October 18, 2018

Did you ever give thought to the foundation of the structures you enter in and out of all day? More than likely not because we just don't see it and take it for granted that since the building is standing and appears sound, that there must be a foundation that is properly in place. If you've ever driven by a lot where there is a new structure being erected, you'll notice that much time is spent in preparing the ground for the foundation. No rocks, tree stumps or sandy soil. Not to mention very level ground. Then, they can confidently build the new structure.

How about your personal foundation? No matter who you are or what you do, we live very busy lifestyles in a fast paced world. Even if you're retired, you've probably got a lot to keep you occupied and your days can fill as quickly as they did when you worked. I'm willing to bet that when you finally go to bed at the end of your day, your mind is already loaded with tomorrows schedule of activities. It's crazy! We're always thinking outside of ourselves; gotta go here, get that done, meet so and so for lunch, pick up the kids, and the list goes on and on.

I'm a firm believer in starting my day on a foundation of peace. It just seems to make sense to me to be able to leave the house more balanced and in harmony before the world and all its stuff hits you in the face. I find that I'm more prone to respond to situations and circumstances rather than react to them. It's really a very small investment with a great ROI for those of you in the business world. Like a solidly built home, you can weather the storms of the daily activity with a little lower blood pressure, and when you get home, there is some of you left for the family.

Introducing a meditation practice into your life before the beginning of your day wouldn't take as much as you may think. Not only are there great health benefits, but we're talking only what, five to ten minutes at first, maybe. Once you do that, I can almost guarantee you'll want more. Just to enter into a stillness and touch a place you seldom pay any mind to. There's a lot of power there. Just breathe, let go and listen at first. It's not that hard and there is no wrong way to do it. Eventually, if nothing else, you can go there and "pre-pave" your day. See everything you have to do for the day going smoothly with you in total control and at peace.

I will say this in closing. As a transformational life coach, I teach all my clients to use this life enhancing tool daily. Especially since they are looking to initiate change in their lives, they need to envision and feel the target desire before they can realize it. Going within is a natural baseline. After all, everything was first a thought, before it was a thing. Now there's food for thought. Peace.

Entry 4 Purpose

November 9, 2018

Just a few days ago I was working in my home office. I was preparing for a workshop I will be facilitating in January. A glancing thought danced across my awareness. What would I be doing if I didn't know what my purpose was at this stage of my life? You see, I've recently retired from a day to day work environment. Normally, I suspect it takes some getting used to, not having to hustle out of the house in the early morning, complaining that you either hate your job or you're not getting enough time to pursue what you really want to do, or both. Not that I didn't feel something, because I did, being that I've worked since I was 12 years old. I still "go to it" in a sense every day. It's just that now I have the time to totally focus on my passion and purpose. Actually, I'm very fortunate in that I've known what my purpose was for some time now and have had some part of me involved in it for some 30 plus years.

So now I'm working for myself, and for those I will be blessed to serve. For my last birthday my youngest daughter gave me a sign that sits in my office. It reads, "I didn't retire. I'm just under new management." My wife tells me that this job I've now undertaken will probably be the hardest job I've ever had. I think she's right, but you know what..? It's what I've loved and believed in for so long and I'm fortunate to finally be able to be absorbed in it all day if I choose. The way I see it, it's one of the main reasons I'm on the planet.

At the same time, I can't help but wonder about folks who don't really know what their purpose is, or even care for that matter. If you're happy living day to day, enjoying what you can, that's all well and good. There's certainly nothing wrong with that. However, you just may find yourself at some point of, "now what?" Sleeping until noon and watching re-runs and movies gets old fast, and may I say, so does your body.

Whether you know it or not, you came into this life on purpose with a purpose as well as value. You need to identify and harmonize with that purpose, so that others may grow from your life experiences, wisdom and passion. Not to mention, extending the quality of your own life.

Purpose is not something you find. It's something you uncover as it sleeps within you. If you need to wake it up may I suggest a couple of ideas? Find a quiet place to sit with a pen and paper. Close your eyes after a couple deep breaths and ask yourself these 3 questions; What experiences do I want? How do I want to grow? How can I give back? Now listen for answers, and look for signs that may appear throughout your day. One more optional question might be; if you could do anything in the world that you really, really enjoyed, so much so you may consider actually doing it for free, what would it be? Let your imagination run with that. Your passion or purpose may just be hiding there.

Live your uniqueness. You are a valuable being with talents and gifts. Unwrap them and share!

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An ongoing series of inspirational entries

Entry 1  Awareness

September 8, 2018

If there is one word I'd like to introduce this blog with it would be AWARENESS.  I believe it is the common denominator on the road to self-discovery.  The history of the human being goes back thousands of years.  Our evolution is slow and sometimes painful.  Even though we have seemingly come a long way from our cave ancestry, we are for the most part a civil society, although in certain parts of the world that may be up for debate.  It's not for me to judge, it's just an observation.  There seems to be an awful lot of scraping for money and power. Governments are becoming corrupt, and there are constantly brush fire wars going on all over.  The world as we now experience it is the manifestation of the collective consciousness of those who inhabit it. Of course our wonderful news media thrives on keeping mostly the bad news in our face.  The more of that you let in the more disruptive your life can be.  There is a lot of good in this world with loving and caring beings in every culture, but sometimes it's hard to see.  Sometimes we just want to shut out everything and hide as we become overwhelmed in the noise of our fast paced environment.  Technology is moving so fast we can't keep up with it.  I hope we're not basing our evolution just on our technological advances.

We can't hide from any of this because we are a part of this world at this time.  What many are discovering is that there is a peace within us that has always been there, but we were too involved with the physical stuff of life to notice.  If you were to embark on a road of self-discovery and become AWARE of who you really are, and AWARE of the fact that how you think, is pretty much what you get.  Become AWARE of the power you have within you and how to use it for your good and the good of those in your own small circle.  Find your center of peace, let go of what no longer serves you and walk in love and happiness.  Freedom awaits you despite your current circumstances.  Do your part in changing not only yourself, but the collective consciousness of our planet.  

Entry 2   A Time to Bloom

September 26, 2018

Anais Nin was an essayist who was once quoted as saying, "and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

We all know about change.  First, it's inevitable.  In fact, the only thing that doesn't change, is change itself.  Secondly, we have two choices.  We can resist it and suffer, or go with it and grow.

Resisting it comes from the natural human emotion of fear of the unknown.  After all, we've feathered our nests with routine, even people, things and circumstances we've outgrown seem to be still a part of our comfort zone.  However, not unlike a worn-out pair of shoes, there comes a time for something new.

Dr. Michael Beckwith is among the pioneers in the self-awareness movement.  He introduced the practice of visioning.  He often said, "the pain pushes until the vision pulls."  When we think about that, it's a great way to express your need to move forward, to grow, and to explore new possibilities.

As a matter of fact, have you ever resisted change and remained content?  I mean especially those of us over 50.  Remember when cell phones broke into the market?  How many of us said something like, "I don't need one of those new-fangled gadgets!"?  Look at you now... where's your phone?

All of life blooms.  Everything in its own time.  As human beings we are part of and one with all life.  Our need to bloom is internal and eternal.  It is our birth right, and our soul duty to do so.  You'll know when it's time when you feel off or unfulfilled and you STOP... become still, evaluate your current station and listen to your heart.  If something is suggesting change somewhere in your life, start envisioning the possibilities.  Then feel the corresponding emotions, and if it feels right, opportunities will begin to parade by for your consideration.  Now you get to co-create a piece of your life by intention, rather than by default.

Remember, sometimes change is thrust upon us when we least expect it and its effects appear traumatic, and you've got to deal.  If you practice "blossoming" from time to time, even if the changes are small, you'll have an easier time dealing with the unexpected.