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My Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

Our Latest Blog Entry

May 3, 2023


“The emperor has no clothes.”

----Hans Christian Anderson

Here is a word most of us try hard to shy away from. It has multiple meanings, which pretty much encircle being undefended. What I want to focus on here is emotional openness which leads to self-understanding. This process calls for balance for sure, because having personal boundaries is obviously important.

Let’s start with the concept of manifesting because if you’re following this blog, I know that you’re more than interested in that subject. The key to manifesting anything, ranging from the material to the experiential, is to know why we want what we want. Just thinking about that is going to bring about a particular feeling. Are you going to give yourself permission to have that feeling once you achieve that desired outcome? Which feelings do we associate with whatever we call success in life? Then we have to ask if we’re willing to have those feelings now, even before anything changes in the landscape of our experience. And if not, what do we believe would happen if we did feel those ways at this moment?

An example might be if you aspire to a better career, one that will make you feel stimulated, competent, productive, relied on and more in charge of your own destiny. Right this minute, are you able to bring up those inner sensations, surround yourself with them and feel at home? If you are, you’re basically ready for the new situation. As a matter of fact, it’s already flying toward you from the unseen because as you should know, when you visualize with the emotion of already experiencing the outcome, the ingredients for that fulfillment are already coming together. On the other hand, if you’re not ready, then getting acquainted with the general feeling of yes will become your assignment.

Another common example would be of course relationships. If for instance you are looking for a new love in your life, but are harboring the loss of your previous relationship due to natural occurrences or otherwise, can you allow yourself to feel the good feelings of once again being in love? Or would those ugly feelings of the previous loss overpower the possibility of something new? You have to be vulnerable here.

When you invite your feelings to speak, a lot of information comes forward, not all of it serene. I believe that we need to be open to knowing why we made various decisions or how we handled random occurrences. We need to befriend our own emotional world instead of hiding from parts of it.

Vulnerability, then, is really embracing the uncomfortable, just as an aspect of love is becoming susceptible to grief. Emotional vulnerability allows us to see how we have attached inner meaning to outer circumstances.

Dissecting the self like this is a good beginning to go even deeper into the multi-dimensionality of who you really are. Once you awaken to that, vulnerability loses not only its meaning, but its grip on your life.

April 2, 2023


“To be holy is to be natural, to befriend the worlds that come to balance in you”.

John O’Donohue, A book of Celtic Wisdom

I recently saw a YouTube video about life in America in the 1950’s and 60’s. It just happened to be the years I grew up in, and many happy memories came flooding in, just like it was yesterday. One clip was kids playing on a see-saw. It was hard to believe that such a simple device could bring so much joy to youngsters back then. Although some mean-spirited kids would like to hop off real quick while the other side was up in the air, causing them to come crashing to the ground, I always thought the object was to try and get it perfectly balanced between two groups of riders, or to simply enjoy the up and down of it all.

It just reflected to me the whole idea about life in general. It’s all about balance isn’t it? Although the balance has shifted more toward our own emotions rather than another group of people sitting on a beam over a fulcrum . It’s tricky, to say the least as we have to be on guard more often as our emotions seem to be running the show more than ever these days. This is what I call the see-saw syndrome.

You could leave the house some morning feeling wonderful, on a bit of a “high”, smiling and enjoying your drive to work, then something that you feel is serious happens at work that brings your emotions crashing to the ground, while at the same time, co-workers find amusement in it. Seemingly non-caring, almost callus.

Where does this put you? Do you give in to your emotions at the time, remaining authentic to yourself, or do you rally quickly and join gaiety of the co-workers, denying your sensitivity? Are you right and they wrong? Are you weak and they are strong?

If you’ve awakened to any sense of self, you should quickly come to balance. The stimuli, or the event is the fulcrum. Some will be on one side, and some on the other, and neither is wrong. If your emotions are pointing you in one direction, be genuine and follow it, humble yourself if that’s what it takes, because others will see your authenticity and when it’s all said and done, you’ll be respected first by your own self, then by others.

Our current world situation is giving us all plenty of opportunities to become unbalanced, that’s for sure. Not to mention our various high stress jobs, relationships and financial trials. Our participation in day-to-day life helps us realize that there is real truth in the old adage of “being in the world, but not of it.” If we can learn to rise just a little above all the stuff in our personal world, and being more the observer than the player, with one foot on one side of the fulcrum, and one on the other; well then when there is a crash, it softens the blow. We need the ride as a conscious observer.

The bottom line is this; what is it that we all want? Beyond money or things of the flesh as they say. I’d say it would be health and well being. And how would you get that? Again, I’d say the fundamental component would be peace and harmony. Now, just how do you get peace and harmony? By being aware of and being able to balance your emotions. Because emotions are how we process our life experiences. And the see-saw syndrome provides the opportunities. We need to recognize both sides and be okay with which we choose as long as it’s authentically you.


March 4, 2023

“The greatest act of courage is to be and to own all of who you are… without apology, without excuses, without masks to cover the truth of who you are”.

----Debbie Ford

Over the last several years, one of the activities I really enjoy is antiquing. There’s just something about walking around in an antique mall or small-town antique shop that brings out that nostalgic feeling from times past that seems to sooth my soul. I’ve bought several items over time that I love having around my home. There seems to be this invisible energy type connection to certain things, be it something you had or recognized from your childhood, or in my case even beyond that to a more primitive era. I really love old authentic furniture, anything wood really. There’s a hidden story in all of it and it seemingly speaks to me on some level.

Although I don’t buy much anymore, I still can’t resist an antique shop, and there are plenty of them where I now reside. Some of them actually call to me like there’s a part of me in there somewhere. A quiet mysterious part of my being that comes alive with the stimulation through sight, touch, and even smell of something long ago. To be in touch with those parts of the self is such a blessing when you think about it.

Our world these days has been so filled with stimuli from the social medias to global unrest, to disinformation to misinformation and on and on. A virtual merry-go-round that never sleeps. We get sucked into various narratives, forcing so many to wear false faces just to get along. Being someone you’re not. Accepting everything that comes down the pipeline just to fit in. Is it a wonder that so many don’t know what they want or even who they are anymore? We’ve slowly allowed our authenticity to dissipate, if we even had it at all, depending on how old you are.

When I speak of authenticity I mean it right down to the very core of your being. I mean it from the part of you that actually feels your true essence. I realize that may sounds more than obscure, but there is such a place. Not literally, but figuratively, and we all have access to it. It’s your natural state. It’s a state of complete peace and safety. It’s a state that should be recognized as your foundation. From this place, go forth and live your life. This place of the true self really has no beginning, nor does it end. It’s where you came from before you became your present you. It’s where you will go after you’ve completed being you. It is all loving and it’s just beyond your next breath.

When you are ready to awaken to who you really are, as a spiritual being having a human experience, it will feel like you’re truly home and you’re allowing yourself to experience all the various facets of life. The perceived good with the perceived bad. You’ll understand that it’s really all good, because there’s learning and growing taking place on a soul level. You can’t fail at this. That part of you that’s been sleeping so long is stirring and when it awakens it will be hungry. The nourishment it craves is your attention to it. Acceptance of your true Divinity.

You are a multi-dimensional and multi-faceted being, hiding in a dusty old shop with so much history. Wouldn’t it be nice to touch in with it from time to time? I think you’ll be surprised at what you may find. Not only that, but it’s a safe haven from the noise of our crazy outside world. To be in the world, but not of it.

Entry #62   FREEDOM

February 1, 2023

I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, and rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together. -----Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Last month, on January 15th our country celebrated what’s become known as MLK Day. I remember reading the above quote at that time which was taken from his famous “I have a dream” speech.

As stirring and powerful as that speech was in August of 1963, I got to wondering just how deeply those that heard it really took it. Of course back then our country was plagued with so much unrest and civil strife. The oppression of this country’s minority race was coming to a head and these folks were shouting for both freedom and equality. They wanted the same freedoms that everyone else enjoyed and to be treated as equals. It had been a long hard road for the Black community since the Emancipation Proclamation just 100 years earlier.

Today, 60 years later we’re still hearing the words FREEDOM being shouted not only here, but globally. There is more turmoil and fear afoot that ever before. Now the oppression is coming from governments all over the world and its peoples are feeling lost and sometimes hopeless. Basic human freedoms like freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom to move about unopposed are what’s on everyone’s hearts right now.

No doubt that these are paramount for us all and need to be delt with, but there is another kind of freedom that most people don’t even consider. That my friends is the freedom that comes from knowing who you really are. I mean that from the depths of self. You are so awesomely powerful. You are true love incarnate.

I have found that that freedom, is by far the freedom that can erase all fears that come from the outside world. I remember at the height of the turmoil we were all facing in 2020, I had never felt such anger and fear in all my years on the planet in this lifetime experience. No doubt it mirrored the same kind of fear that the Black race had been feeling for well over 200 years since they were forcefully brought to this country as slaves and being thought of as expendable.

In order for me to “free myself” from the jaws of a system that was going haywire and oppressing the masses in every conceivable way, I had to go deep. Fortunately, I already had a pretty solid spiritual foundation, but had been shaken off of it with the radical events that were taking place in my outside world. So much so that I hardly recognized myself. Actually, I didn’t even like myself for a while there. I had been sucked in by the masses who were confused and scared and turning violent.

That’s when the proverbial light bulb came on. Wait a minute, stop the presses! I’m a spiritual being having this human experience. Nothing can really hurt me, I remembered. Yes, my physical self may be subjected to changes and things that may be uncomfortable or that I didn’t like, but I’m more than that. I’m spirit! My essence is of God. No outside force can hurt that.

I’m most certain that being the spiritual man that Dr. King was, this was the message he was doing his best to convey to the masses back in 1963. It was more than civil liberties and equality in the physical world that he taught. Yes, they were important, but he knew that for those that could really hear him, the most important part of his message was to know and be your true self, where the real freedom lives. God shows its face in us all. Let that part shine through and you will know a freedom beyond freedom.

Entry #61  ONE

January 12, 2023

In our version of things, God is not a commanding officer nor even a presence apart from Its own creation. It is aware of all things because It is all things, as the intelligence that permeates and the form that out-pictures.

---Jessie Jennings

We all began at a point, not in time but in consciousness, as cells. Heart cells produce heart cells, brain cells produce and multiply more brain cells and so on.

Cantaloupe seeds produce cantaloupes, not broccoli. The heart cells know to reproduce heart cells only.

We began as loving consciousness created from Itself, each having its own variety, color and size. Yet we are all from the same original, loving God-consciousness.

We continue to be that loving consciousness even though many of us are unaware. We may act in a non-loving way, not realizing who we really are or what we can experience. We might see others as separate from ourselves.

When two dogs meet in a park, they will most likely sniff each other, but their tails keep wagging and, with agreement, they play, dance together and run circles around the park. Unfortunately, it may take humans a bit longer to recognize friend from foe, as we have a tendency to come from a place of judgement or fear.

It’s time for a new realization in this new year. We all have come from the same original seed in beautiful, perfect varieties. With acceptance of each variation, there are new colors, tastes, sizes and ideas. How about we start to accept all as the loving presence of the One Creator Source/God? Let us be kind, caring, humans we are meant to be. It may not be an easy task, but with this awareness and a little practice we may be able to disarm some of the fear that’s out there.

This year, accept the love that you are and share it openly.

Entry #60  God In Everything

January 2, 2023

“The Manifest universe, then, is the Body of God”

----Ernest Holmes

Happy New Year to you wherever you are, either physically, mentally or spiritually.

How many times have we heard, “I’m glad that year is over” or “Maybe this one will be better”? Many said that at the beginning of 2022 and think back on all that’s transpired. We can barely keep up with the changes, advances and the noise from world governments. What are we to do? Who do we believe? The good ole happy days are history. There’s some serious situations happening globally that’s taking us off our center and promoting way too much fear. There’s a way to neutralize any unsettledness we may encounter that I’ve found works well.

I was watching a stand-up comedian the other night on Netflix. No, the answer is not watching stand-up comedy. There was a shot of him on stage from behind looking out to this massive crowd of beings who seemed so transfixed on his every move and the story he was conveying. I saw this mass of humanity not as individuals but as one entire whole. It was like each individual person had become a cell in a body, vibrating with perfection.

It was a surreal experience. It was a realization that the collective consciousness is like that…a body. And the beauty is that we get to choose as a collective what kind of body we want to become by each individual cell doing its unique part, making its unique contribution to the whole.

This body that is mine, that is ours, that is the entirety of all of creation is set out before us each and every day. A power and a gift we rarely even acknowledge.

Today, I see that there is not either/or in this body. By its very nature, there is only the Alness. That includes the challenges and the turmoil which are necessary for balance. The ebb and flow if you will. Nature does not make mistakes. It cleanses at it needs to. Even our human bodies are equipped to cleanse the toxins that the body cannot avoid.

The yin/yang symbol of the Tao illustrates this beautifully, with the contrast of light and dark, with the concept of flow. Each is contained within the circle that is the All of life itself.

So what I am saying here is that our current outside world is in a state of serious change and it’s imperative for us now more than ever, that we as seemingly individual beings need to change our perception of it by looking at ourselves as part of the collective, the wholeness of humanity itself. Most of us I dare say probably don’t like what we see. It’s like the whole body of humanity is unwell. However, we as “cells” of that very body have the power to make changes. First for ourselves which will ultimately meld into the collective.

Everyone wants to feel good. In our world of duality, there is nothing like feeling bad to make you appreciate feeling good! Totally a third dimensional construct.

We are composed of four bodies - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Spiritual teachings say that what you do to one of these bodies affects the other bodies. For instance, frequent meditation brings harmony to your other bodies - to your emotional, mental and physical bodies as well as your spiritual body.

When you change your spiritual body it changes your physical, emotional and mental bodies. When you change your physical body it changes your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. In fact, you cannot change one without changing the others, as well.

Change one body and you change the others. We are apart of that which created us. You are a collective unto yourself as the microcosm is of the macrocosm.

Knowing this tiny bit of wisdom helps us realize the importance of making wise choices for all four of our bodies:

* Choose a healthy diet and exercise plan for the physical body.

* Choose peace for the emotional body.

* Choose clarity and positive thoughts for the mental body.

* Choose meditation and acts of loving kindness for the spiritual body.

As a spiritual being, use your power to change both your inside world and the outside world we inhabit. It is both the least and the most you can do as we step forward in our evolution. I call it Divine Balance or dancing with God.

Best wishes for 2023 and dance like no one’s looking. It’s ours to experience. But don’t forget who you really are. 

Entry #59  On Being Human

December 3, 2022

“Because we’re human, we’re always going to experience disappointment”.

----Seth Buechley

Although this particular quote is true, I would maintain that it can be a wake-up call for us all. Let’s take a look at what it means to be human, or to put it more succinctly, doing human. Slip on your boots as this has the propensity to get a little deep. Keep in mind that I’m only scratching the surface here.

The truth of the matter is, and I’ve stated this many times before, we are really spiritual beings having a human experience. So being human really equates to our spiritual essence gathering countless experiences in a physical realm, some of which will have positive effects and some, not so positive. Albeit both effects having within them, lessons for our growth as a soul/spiritual entity.

Unfortunately, we don’t always see it that way simply because we don’t remember who we really are and the purpose of our life journey, which is to re-member, or re-join to the wholeness of our very essence to our Source or God. Often times we (our ego), takes the negative experiences to heart and focuses on them with the e-motions (energy in motion) that accompany them such as anger, heartbreak, or disappointment. This can leave us stuck and blind us from the hidden value of the experience itself.

Being human means that we have agreed on a soul level to take on a temporary individual identity. Complete with a specific personality all wrapped up into a physical form of our choosing for the express purpose of experiencing physical life and the plethora of e-motions that go with them. Opportunities are virtually endless. We were meant to be here as there are no mistakes. We are co-creators of our own experiences and need to take responsibility for that. But we began this sojourn in spirit form, our real self.

Being human and experiencing life in this third dimension of reality affords us an opportunity far beyond any college or university that we could attend. With every experience we encounter if we look wide enough, we can grow spiritually regardless of the polarity from which it shows itself. It’s all good. It needs to be read and understood at a higher level. When you look at your life from a higher perspective it widens your view by removing the blinders of your tunnel vision. It projects what you perceive as a negative experience and makes it smaller affording you an opportunity to see the lesson you placed before yourself and grow from it as long as you are able to leave the egoic effect behind.

Being human isn’t necessarily easy. In most cases it isn’t supposed to be. The lessons we encountered growing up in school weren’t easy at first until after time we began to understand. Life lessons are larger in scope, but instead of just growing your individual knowledge base, you’re able to grow spiritually as well. Life goes on beyond this current reality and as a spiritual entity with an expanded consciousness from your experiences here, you will evolve to realities you can’t yet imagine.

To make the remainder of your “being human” journey a bit easier and let’s just say profitable for your spiritual growth, I will share a couple of suggestions. First be fully involved in your life no matter what. Your life is a beautiful dance where the music is always changing. Where you find yourself is where you put yourself for reasons you probably don’t yet see so stop complaining and ask yourself why. What is all of this trying to show me? What lessons am I supposed to see? Love that face that bounces back from the mirror. Love the people in your life no matter what because they all bare gifts of some kind. Gifts for your growth.

Secondly, appreciate the ability of your senses. To hear sounds, see your surroundings, touch, smell and taste in your environment. Don’t take them for granted. It’s all part of the human picture. Will you experience disappointment? Oh for sure! Squeeze out the lesson and move on. There are other experiences waiting in line, but if you are aware of your true nature as spirit, none of them can hurt you.

And lastly my friend, believe it or not, like it or not, your free will chose all of who you are and all of what you are experiencing. You want to blame fate or karma or even a “God” for where you are? Then we need to talk more about free will choice.

Being human just got bigger now didn’t it?

Entry #58 Is It Time To Repot?

November 4, 2022

“When we cease growing, a part of us begins to slowly die. This is inherently true physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

----The Art of Abundance

Many of us have had or do have house plants. Have you ever seen a root-bound potted plant? You’d know it because it’s withering and slowly dying. When the plant becomes too big for it’s pot there’s nowhere to expand. The roots turn inward, entangling and clumping together, slowly choking off the life-force that sustains the plant. Obviously the only way to save the plant is to repot it, giving it a larger growing area so that the roots can expand to unexplored areas, experiencing new life. This push comes when the divine creative urge that permeates and propels an expanding universe naturally surges through the entire plant, restoring its vitality and wholeness.

Let’s look at this as an important metaphor for our own life. Not unlike all life around us this tells us that if you’re not growing, well you’ll stagnate and eventually could die before your time. Sometimes we’re too busy being busy to notice. We’ve become robotic in our daily routines and responsibilities. It will ultimately sneak up on you. We’ve all felt it at one time or another. That feeling like, ‘there’s got to be more to life’ or ‘my life feels meaningless’. The unmistakable feeling of dread that gets thicker and thicker.

When you cease spiritually and emotionally growing, when your relationships become stagnant, when the job no longer offers positive opportunities to expand, it may be time to metaphorically repot yourself. If this scenario sounds familiar, random actions to change may do more harm than good. As I’ve mentioned many times previously, change is the only constant, but you need to take control of it from a higher perspective. Let’s take a look at what I mean.

When you stagnate, growth ceases, and you unconsciously emit a message to the universe that says, “I am complete here. There is no reason for me to linger on the planet. Just pluck me out and bring me home.” The best course of action of course, is to repot yourself by embracing new thoughts and expansive ideas grounded in the awareness of your oneness with something larger than yourself---an expanding universe, a loving God. Just think of yourself as a spiritual gardener growing a new life, beginning with your next thought seed. What will that be?

I know even from where I’m sitting that that sounds quite cosmic and you’re thinking…what, wait, there has to be more to this. How do I get out of this ick that I’m in? Well, remember the question, how do you eat an elephant? Of course the answer was and still is, one bite at a time. Our daily issues are no different. They may seem as big as an elephant, and you can’t deal with it. But you really can.

Take the issue down to it’s lowest common denominator. Remember, one issue at a time. Close your eyes, take a couple deep breaths and sit. Focus on the issue and ask for guidance to resolve it. Be patient. It may take a few minutes, or even days, but if you have the intent, your higher self will not leave you stranded. Listen to your heart. Thought seeds come into the brain through mind to be processed via the feelings of the heart. Feelings is the answer. If those feelings bring enthusiasm, that is your direction.

Remember, just as a plant will droop and wilt if it is neglected, you will lose your luster if you do not tend to your needs. When a plant takes in enough nourishment in abundant soil, soaking up sufficient sunlight and water, it perks up. It’s leaves become bright and healthy, and it stands taller and stronger. It all starts from its foundation, from within.

Entry #57  Inclusion

October 10, 2022

“If it’s possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.” –Romans 12:18

As of this writing it’s been just six weeks since I’ve been living here in South Carolina. The one stand out characteristic  I’ve noticed about my new environment is the genuine friendliness of the people. I mean even the folks that I don’t even necessarily talk to just at least acknowledge you with a nod and a smile. I’ve even experienced sitting at a red light and a car pulled up next to me and this guy smiled nodded and waved. I was taken back but thankfully I had the reflex and the time to wave back before the light turned green. It’s been very welcoming and truthfully not something I was used to back in New York. This is not to say that there aren’t nice friendly folks in New York, I know there are, but they sometimes seem far and few between. People down here just seem much more laid back, not as uptight. I guess you could say it's the tone of the community.

There is something to say about culture shock. I never thought much about it until recently. There is something called a collective consciousness. I think the best way to describe it is it’s like an energy transference generated by a collective, in this case a community or larger. Since we’re all energy beings the thoughts you think, the attitude you carry as well as the feelings and emotions contribute to the energy you put out on top of everyone else’s. It becomes apart of the “air” if you will. It equates to the fact that the culture here is just a bit more easy going or vibrating on a lower collective frequency. Every part of the country has it’s own brand I suppose.

All in all what does this tell us? That we’re all connected. Like it or not it speaks to the Spirit of you in that invisible world we don’t take time to consider. The Spirit of God within all people, uniting us as members of the human family inclusive of the individuality and diversity that we love to claim, worldwide.

No one can be separate from God. As I am a spiritual being living a human experience, so are all the others. We detect minor differences with each other but they’re really very minor in the scheme of it all. In the spirit of harmony open your mind and heart to those whose backgrounds and places of origin may be different than your own. Just remember too that at the level of Spirit, we are more similar than we could ever be different.

I recently came across this prayer of inclusion, and I’d like to share it. Perhaps you could include it in your daily thoughts.

“I bless the world’s people with welcoming and wholehearted acceptance. I honor your uniqueness and behold your sacred worth as children of God. I want for you what I want for myself, a world of safety and respect. We are one in spirit. Amen.

Entry #56  Toot Your Own Horn

September 23, 2022

“Man is beginning to realize that he has life within himself as the great gift of God to him” ---Ernest Holmes

Over the last four years I’ve been a member of Toastmasters International. This is a worldwide organization designed to help people improve and master their speaking and presentation skills. The club I joined has meetings twice a month and each meeting generally has a theme as a suggested guideline for topics and speeches that are shared that evening. I usually find these themes a bit silly, but they’ve been doing it longer than I’ve been with them so as they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

At the end of each meeting either the Toastmaster or the President glances over the next upcoming meeting to get volunteers to fill various roles that are required and to prepare our mindset with the next theme. Well I just found out that our next meeting’s theme is International Toot Your Own Horn Day. I don’t even know if that is a real thing, but it caught my attention. I thought about it and before I volunteered to give a speech for that meeting, I figured it would make a good subject for my monthly blog post.

A powerful realization that can help increase our overall quality of life is understanding that it is not a requirement to move through life holding onto stress, burdens and a sense of overwhelm. We are not required to continuously recall unpleasant experiences in our lives day after day, cultivating feeling of shame, guilt or anger. In fact, being that we are that which assists in directing our daily lives, we can at any moment choose to release the unnecessary. Now, when I say unnecessary, please do not discount the wisdom found in those challenging and disturbing situations that have occurred in our life. We can grasp the wisdom contained within a given experience without being attached to the feelings associated with that experience.

As we make a conscious choice to release the unnecessary, we begin to make room for the extraordinary to unfold in our lives. After all, how can we expect to bring something wonderful into our experience if we do not have the internal space for something wonderful to develop?

This is a great day to venture into those caverns of our minds and hearts, looking at the thoughts, feelings and memories we hold near and dear. Let us be courageous enough to release what no longer serves us, knowing that as we do, we make space for something magnificent to happen through us right now.

That being said, how about a challenge? Take some time and sit with yourself and look back at your life. List all the accomplishments and the good things you’ve done up to this point. It’s okay. You’ve done some pretty extraordinary things and you need to acknowledge them at least to yourself and also to whomever you want. Toot that horn! It’s not being egocentric. It’s acknowledging your God given talents and abilities. It’s recognizing all of your good traits. It’s shining the spotlight on all the positive things about you. Say YES! You are awesome!

Now that I think about it, I think I’ll toot my own horn and do that speech at our next Toastmasters meeting.

September 9, 2022

Entry 55  Keep On Keeping On

“Go forward with the belief that a greater power is working through us.”

----Ernest Holmes

What would our lives be like if not for the changes we encounter over time? Sure we get comfortable with routine and sameness, and the slightest shift in that comfort zone sends most of us into a tailspin at the least or outright fear at most. But think about it for a moment. The same thing over and over could get seriously boring. Like sitting in your car and the scenery never changing. Nothing new to focus on. No challenge to figure out. No new experiences or the excitement of not knowing just how something will turn out. That’s not living. It’s mere existence.

Like it or not we all need some degree of change for many reasons, most importantly for the very growth of our soul. We came here with a plan and a mission on a soul level even though many of us don’t stop to realize that. Our life paths include many twists and turns that may appear to us as turmoil, sadness, heartbreak, illnesses and the like. All of these seemingly negative events that take us off our track of comfort are apart of a plan we, that is the essence of us or spirit, put into the mix either through our current thoughts or actions, or as a karmic balancing from prior life experiences.

I understand that this is a tough pill to swallow, and even if you know and believe in this concept it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with it at the time it arrives at your awareness. We just would rather not go through any of it but alas, it’s here and we must. We either made a conscious decision for a particular change or it appeared unwanted, out of nowhere like a tsunami. What’s happening is we’re finding ourselves balancing between the physical and spiritual aspects of life.

If we could just grasp the concept that there is something greater guiding us while we plod along in our little world we call our life and that everything, every twist and turn, every event, every relationship and yes, every hardship has a purpose geared to our growth as spiritual beings in a human experience, maybe, just maybe it’s all good despite its appearance. Now more than ever we must look within to our own divine power to overcome all obstacles. What’s the biblical saying from Matthew 17:20? “If you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.”

That something greater is your higher self or the God within you. There is nowhere you can go, where it is not. There is nothing that can happen to you where you are without it. There is a Divine Spark in all facets of life, despite our limited 3rd dimensional perspective. Try to reach higher in looking at radical change that appears in your life. You will be surprised at how much smaller these earthly bumps look from your natural spiritual viewpoint.

If you’ve followed my previous blogs I’m sure you’ve realized that I’ve been going through some radical change of my own over the last several months. It hasn’t been easy, and I’ve hurt emotionally because of it. I still hurt. But the fact is I’m still here on this earth which means I’ve still got work to do, and a purpose to fulfil. I’ve moved 800 miles away from the only hometown I’ve known for over 70 years and away from people I love and that love me. Thankfully I’m still with family in this new environment and there’s that part of me that still questions my decision. However, in what very well may be the last chapter of this incarnation I’m choosing unconditional love as my foundation to keep on keeping on. Always thankful for what I’ve had and all the people that I’ve shared it with. I will do my best to look at each new day that I am blessed to experience with an anticipation of something great because I know that it’s all good and timely for the growth of my very soul. It is after all, all God.

August 2, 2022

Entry 54   Behind the Next Door

“When you feel yourself breaking down, may you break open instead. May every experience in life be a door that opens your heart, expands your understanding and leads you to freedom”

---Elizabeth Lesser

There’s an old adage that we’ve all heard at some point. It says that when one door closes, another opens. Of course, depending on the size of the “door” that just closed, we may not totally buy into that old wise saying. We become blinded to the fact that another door is beckoning as you go through grief or sadness when a familiar door closes.

It's only natural to feel bitter, scared and unsure of what comes next. One may hesitate to open any new door, and that is natural as well. However, our survival depends on being courageous enough to step forward and embrace what the Universe has in store for us.

In my own life, as I look back in retrospect I can see several doors that were shut, not necessarily by me, but on me. These were harder to accept as I wasn’t prepared mentally or emotionally. If you’re planning to close a door in your life, generally you would make a plan ahead of time. Not so when the wind of change blows it shut!

What I have found is that sometimes we don’t feel the “nudges” to make a change. Understanding that change is the only constant in life as I alluded to in my previous blog post, we know that it is ultimately necessary for our growth. The Universe or our Higher Self is the wind that blows it shut. Now sink or swim. And as harsh as that sounds, know that we are a part of an all-loving Universe (God Source) that already knows what we need to survive and thrive so that we may complete our earthly sojourn in harmony.

I saw wondrous and enriching opportunities appear that wouldn’t have been able to show up had I been holding the previous door open. All the cumulative life experiences were the necessary building blocks I needed to get to the next level of my life mission and purpose or essence path as it’s more commonly referred to. This only proves another old adage; everything happens for a reason!

Now, I find myself at yet another new doorway. It wasn’t my plan by any means at this juncture but, apparently my Higher Self knew differently. Regardless of my past experiences with this phenomenon of life, I have to let myself feel the necessary emotions that go with this closing door, but at the same time put my faith and trust in a benevolent Universe. My bravery is enhanced when I trust and see the results that will play out in magical ways. God is good!

I don’t for one minute believe that there is any living human soul out there now who hasn’t experienced a door closing episode or two. I would agree that initially it feels like the end of the world as you know it, and the fear of what’s next seems insurmountable. However, if you still have a heartbeat and air in your lungs, rest assured that there will be new doors to open and the mystery behind them will unveil to you new opportunities for you to choose from. You’re not done yet, so go ahead and open them. There is life there!

July 4, 2022


“We are all living in a world of continual change, a world in which thought, thing and experience are all in a constant state of flux. It is the very nature of the universe.” -------Ernest Holmes

Despite all that we’ve been through over the last two and a half years worldwide, it is for us here in America our 4th of July or Independence Day! This needs to mean something for us all in the “free” world. We must hold fast to our freedoms and be forever grateful for whatever bounties we manage to enjoy, giving thanks to all who sacrificed to make it so. This as a collective, a community, a society or a family. Rise above the noise and confusion and see what we still have.

No less important a need is to take it down to its lowest common denominator, us as individuals. As stated in the above quote by Ernest Holmes, we are all in a constant state of flux. Change is all around us every day and most of the time it’s thrust upon us, and we need to address it. Be it in the way of the world outside or our own personal world within. And as much as we’d sometimes like to bury our heads in the sand and hope it goes away, well it doesn’t, and we must “walk into the cave”.

In my recent readings I came across something that address this in fine fashion, and I thought I’d share it with you in this blog post. It’s not my work and to be honest I’m not sure who to credit, as it was a story within a story. But it’s too important not to share. It’s title is “Walk Into the Cave Unreluctant”. No one escapes change, so take a moment and think on this.

You must walk into the cave unreluctant. As you enter, your eyes momentarily entertain the vapid darkness, yet it is your heart that will see. It is your heart that will beat with signals of illumination, shedding light for your steps.

You must walk into the cave unreluctant. At first you doubt your ability to navigate the jagged twists and unknown turns. Still, by the simple act of entering, your instincts reawaken, and you are welcomed home to the ancient wisdom nestled within your own mind.

You must walk into the cave unreluctant. And for those beginning moments, you feel tense and fearful about the perceived losses awaiting you. Do you turn around and go back to what is familiar, or do you challenge that fearful impulse and align with the inward will, that cannot cease its calling?

You must walk into the cave unreluctant. And in those initial steps you are weighed by all the life-long evidence you’ve accumulated as to why you cannot succeed. But the deeper you travel into the cave, the further removed those stories become. A new story is established, one that demonstrates how you are far more capable than you’ve ever given yourself credit for.

You must walk into the cave unreluctant, if for no other reason than that you don’t want to. You must walk into the resistance. You must walk into the discomfort. You must lean into the darkness, the doubt, the mystery, for this is where you come to find that the true realization of infinite life, real infinite life---your resurrection---only happens when you walk into the cave unreluctant.

I found this both stimulating and thought provoking. Independence doesn’t come easy as history and any free country can attest. So how could our own personal freedom be any different? As important as it is for each of us to be a free and independent society, that can’t possibly be complete unless we are free within ourselves. To do and be whatever we desire at any given time. We are each spirit, a conscious creative energy bound here by the density of a physical form, but the essence of who we are is both immortal and multidimensional.

Express your freedom from the inside out. It is God given.

June 1, 2022

Entry 52  NO REGRETS

“If I had my life to live over again, I’d dare to make more mistakes next time. I’d relax. I’d limber up. I’d be sillier than I’ve been this trip.”

---Nadine Stair, poet

If you’ve learned anything from my last post on introspection, you may plainly see that one of the benefits of utilizing this practice would be that you could very well look at your life and say, ‘I have no regrets’.

I know that this is a pretty tall order for most people as we are taught that there is right and wrong in everything about our lives and that when there is what we perceive as wrong being displayed by us to someone, well there is regret. Or we may feel we’ve made the wrong decision in some instance that may not have been the best decision. Quickly our sense of morality steps in to justify these feelings and many would simply succumb and “own” this feeling bad feeling. Carrying it around our neck like the proverbial millstone.

The common definition for regret means to feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over something that has happened or been done, especially a loss or missed opportunity. Or a feeling of sadness about something sad or wrong or about a mistake that you have made.

Believe me you would have to search far and wide to find a person that will admit to you that they don’t have at least one regret. More than likely it would be several. I’ve not conducted such a search and have only my own life to look upon for content to this subject matter. On top of that at my current age there are a lot more life experiences to reflect on and furrow out those old hidden regrets.

Just over these last several months alone I have had the opportunity to put my life under the microscope big time as I’ve endured some life altering experiences. My mere survival was dependent on my understanding of introspection first and foremost. Asking myself what the lesson was here. Why was this happening? What was I supposed to learn by this? In the interim of this I could feel the regret and then the guilt crept in. This is like handing a drowning man ankle weights.

Going back to the basic tenet that everything happens for a reason, which we’ve all heard but few believe especially when it has to do with them, I’ve now had to apply it to myself. And now since I’ve moved into the “higher rent district” of metaphysical and spiritual principles relative to all life, I also understand there really is no right or wrong…spiritually speaking from a higher perspective. There are just experiences. Some take us closer to our soul purpose where others take us further from it’s fulfillment because we always have free will. Of course, morally speaking from the physical human perspective that is a very thin line.

So, what to do, that is the question. For me, the regrets I’ve encountered just as a result of reassessing the last few months alone were like a paper tiger. They seemed real and had I hurt people, never intentionally mind you, but by default. I started to feel those teeth sink deeper and deeper into my soul. But my truth became my salvation, and I was released from the jaws of the tiger.

I saw my life from a wider perspective, as a soul entity choosing and having experiences in a physical arena. Could I have made more healthy or wiser choices at certain times? Yes of course I could have, and the results would have been different as well I’m sure. But I needed to learn something going down the road I chose and in doing so regardless of the seeming negative outcome, I saw myself as growing in ways I never thought of before as were the others involved in the experience. For the first time I could see the “reason” something happened in my life. I like to think that I’m a stronger and better person as a result.

As you transverse through life others come into it at various times. Some stay for a long time, where for others it’s a shorter stay and that is by design for specific reasons. The challenge is to see the reasons and be grateful for what you experienced. All in all, I’ve had a good life. Mistakes? Not really, just choices that took me the longer way around. But, have no regrets.

May 1, 2022


“As you go through life you may learn many lessons. But remember: all true wisdom comes from within. Experience isn’t always the best teacher. A greater wisdom lies waiting on your discovery just underneath the surface of your conscious awareness.” ---Chris Michaels

Introspection is not a word we hear very often. Google defines it as the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes.

Characteristically, most people utilize it at least in part after doing or saying something stupid that may bring a quick reaction in kind from the unsuspecting target. We might think to ourselves, that wasn’t good…why did I even do that? Unfortunately, there is no re-wind and we’re stuck with it having to apologize up and down.

The meatier version of introspection however is reserved for dealing with your emotions after a personal trauma of some kind. It’s a sacred space you create to commune with your higher self or spirit to ask the deeper questions relative to what just transpired in your experience. It can be very revealing due to the fact that the most important question you’re looking for answers for is, “what was this trying to teach me?”

Now there is no right or wrong way to approach introspection. The important thing is to let yourself go there in some fashion. A research study at the University of Iowa showed that journaling as a therapy was most effective when subjects not only recorded their emotions following a trauma but when they also took the time to think about and write down what they learned from the event. The focus on understanding their own reactions to what happened, in addition to the emotional impact of the experience helped them recover faster.

From a spiritual perspective, this makes perfect sense. Life is a series of lessons, courtesy of our most faithful teacher, the Spirit within, otherwise known as your Higher Self. All our experiences are designed to help us discover and live the truth of who we are. However, attendance at this school of life is not mandatory. It requires a willingness on our part to engage in introspection and explore the meaning behind our experiences.

Not everyone is up to it. Some want to avoid thinking about it altogether; others want to wallow in the story to develop the “poor me” syndrome. The brave, however, bring themselves around to asking the question, “What is the gift in this for me?” Discovering this gift can bring a person out of victim consciousness into a space of receptivity and teahability. This is when spirit rushes in, excited that we’ve accepted the invitation to grow.

Being able to center yourself and look for the gift in any difficult situation sooner rather than later demonstrates spiritual growth. It is without shame that I can confess to utilizing this valuable concept on more than one occasion over the course of my lifetime. The lessons have been many and sometimes hard and fast to say the least. I have been hurt to the core in some cases even most recently, but upon closer examination it wasn’t me that was hurt, rather it was my ego. Fortunately for me at this juncture of my spiritual walk I’ve learned to separate myself from the ego and claim my oneness with the God within me. This puts a whole new spin on the trauma itself. It’s all a part of my soul growth.

Oh, there’s hurt there, and that’s no joke for sure and we have to not just recognize it, but then forgive it and let it go. That’s all part of being incarnated in physical life which makes these lessons “real”, at least seemingly.

To be clear, there is a vast difference between ruminating, which is what most people automatically do verses introspection. In ruminating, a person is simply replaying the event, thinking about the wrongness of it, wishing for a different action or outcome, and just generally considering all the bad or frustrating aspects of a situation. In introspection, a person asks the Higher Self what lesson the event offers and what tools can apply to grow spiritually from the situation. Introspection then plants the seeds for a different experience in the future.

Our life experiences are as unique as our fingerprints or personalities. Fundamentally however if we can understand that every experience is a valuable lesson, some positive, some negative. The fruit of introspection is in our ability to look into the seemingly negative ones and grow in a positive direction. And just so you know, you signed up for this life experience and everything that goes with it. There are no accidents, and there is no blame.

April 2, 2022


There is a point in the supreme moment of realization where the individual merges with the Universe, but not to the loss of his individuality; where a sense of the Oneness of all Life so enters his being that there is no sense of otherness.

---Ernest Holmes

I recently read a story that I’d like to share with you.

Kambel Smith of Philadelphia, an individual with autism, could not stop painting. When his father, Lonnie, ran out of money for canvases, Smith turned to cardboard, building elaborate sculptures. Lonnie knew his son had a gift, if he could only get others to recognize it.

By chance, a well-connected neighbor saw Kambel in his front yard creating one of his sculptures. She shared photos on Facebook and introduced him to an art curator who presented Kambel to the art world. Now his works are exhibited in prominent museums, galleries and private collections, selling for thousands of dollars.

Why did it take so long for Kambel Smith to be recognized as an artist? Because people weren’t expecting a person with autism to demonstrate his talent. Autism is labeled as a disability, but it is an extreme ability. The Smith family calls people with autism “Autisarians” with superhuman abilities. They’ve set out to change peoples perceptions by creating a nonprofit to help other people with autism discover their own gifts.

Kambel’s story provides an important lesson. The truth is, all of us come from the same Divine Source, but that Source is individuated in each of us, expressing Itself in vastly different ways. When we look at another, we can choose to first perceive the Divine and then look for how It manifests through the person before us. When we look for the Divine, there is never a misperception.

As beautiful of a story as this is, I can almost hear you thinking, “it just seems too hard to look at others and see a Divine being”. And that may be so, especially with so much ugliness and fear in our current world. However, I’m thinking that perhaps you could start with yourself first. I know, I know, that may sound even harder, but consider the word “gentle”. It’s a nice soft word that brings an easiness to your demeanor. So, let’s bring this idea of Divine Perception to the self now.

Repeat this statement and see how it feels to you. “I am a gentle spirit and a blessing to the world”. Now that doesn’t feel so bad does it? No doubt there will be times when you may not feel or be as gentle with yourself as you could be. You may be too self-critical or too quick to focus on your faults. This is when it’s important to be gentle with yourself, peaceful in mind and tender in your heart. Value your uniqueness. After all, there is no one else like you, no one who fills your particular place in the world.

Embrace a new mindset and deepen your perception with yourself and others. Honor your truth as a spiritual being and express the goodness and grace of God as only you can.

March 3, 2022


“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”

― Mark Twain

The bumpy road of life can often times play havoc with our emotional shock absorbers, shaking us to the core of unrest and disarray. We don’t often think of them until that unexpected “ bang” that we didn’t see coming. All of a sudden your comfortable ride is no longer.

The “shock absorber” of your life should be the foundation of inner peace you’ve managed to cultivate for yourself on a day-to-day basis. Again, something we don’t think about usually until something happens.

Sometimes we get blind-sided, and that “bang” alters your reality. Your world may change unexpectedly especially in these modern days. Hopefully, the main anchor in life should always be the light within your inner being and your inner peace. This, provided you take the time to tune into it, will provide you with a true perspective of the important issues of life.

As you know, it's not what you accumulate materially that makes a truly successful life. Once people eventually pass on from this realm, they leave behind their material accumulations. The real treasure that you take with you is the experience you've gained and, more importantly, the spiritual advancement you have achieved in the process.

If you have issues which need to be healed at a heart level, finding a way to heal those issues will free you to move deeper into heart and soul consciousness.

Sometimes, our souls choose a challenging life in order to trigger transformation into greater strength and wisdom. After all, it is the strongest steel that is forged in fire. No matter what negative experiences you may have endured in this life, there will have been life-experience reasons behind all of them.

The most powerful tool for gaining advancement from negative experiences is that of forgiveness. Whether you yourself need to gain freedom from the chains forged by bad memories or you want to help another person to achieve this, the principle remains the same.

Once a person realizes that they can forgive another, for no matter what, they become free! Free to move on to a better life and free of the regret and the hardship that the memories that such hardship brought. Sure, it's hard to do, but it works like a charm! You just have to disengage from the lower emotions long enough to grasp that key to the freedom of higher consciousness.

The key to freedom from the memory of a bad experience is to first forgive the experience. The big challenge is to forgive the perpetrator and, if necessary, any guilt that you feel yourself. But, first, you have to own the experience as part of your reality and start by forgiving that experience.

Such an experience came your way because of a decision in your past. A bad experience doesn't mean that you were bad. It means that you chose, at a super-conscious level, a wake-up call to trigger your own transformation into attaining greater wisdom. The people with the greatest compassion are often the ones who have seen and lived through the most tragic events that were full of the need for compassion.

Remember this vital principle - anger does nothing against the one who hurt you. Anger and resentment serve only to trap you in the lower frequencies of consciousness at a time when you should be able to fly as free as a bird into the higher realms of spiritual consciousness.

If the experience is so bitter and painful that you find it impossible to forgive, this is how you can climb right over that barrier. Start by pretending to forgive. Over and over, pretend to forgive and the breakthrough you seek will soon occur.

The exit point from limitation lies just above you, through a door marked, "Forgiveness."

With serious cases, the help of a skilled professional may well be necessary. In lesser cases, calling upon a higher power can be a huge help in letting go of the hurt from past experiences. There's always a way to gain help from a higher spiritual power. According to your preference, you can call on God, Jesus or other great spiritual figures to ask for the power to transform the dark into light.

You can also connect with your soul consciousness, which is connected to the Divine, and ask that higher part of yourself to heal your inner issues.

If you need to let go of past hurts, let them go now using the magic key of forgiveness and you will be free to soar even higher into the sacred space which exists within your soul consciousness.

February 8, 2022


The paradox of trauma is that it has both the power to destroy and the power to transform and resurrect.

Peter A. Levine

This may be one of the hardest blogs I’ve ever had to write. I wasn’t even sure if I’d actually write one this month, or ever again for that matter. Life has a way of pulling the rug out from under you when you least expect it. And it did it to me just a few weeks ago. I was hit with some news that practically paralyzed me. Stunned and unable to speak, I was immediately cast into a void of emptiness that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. You know, one of those times when you want to shake your head thinking it’s just a dream and you’ll wake up with a sigh of relief realizing that’s exactly what it was.

All of a sudden my life seemed meaningless. I could focus on nothing but what I had just encountered. A literal flood of emotions came forth. And naturally under such circumstances, all negative. Total disbelief, denial, fear, anger, sorrow and some I have no words for. I could hardly walk and when I did everything was numb. My bodily functions ceased to exist. My world, the world I thought I knew, was no more. This was real and I had to face it.

What I was left with was a seemingly endless amount of time and the elusive answer to the question, why. The reason that I initially heard seemed weak and porous. Something that was so important to me right now was lacking. That being a truthful answer. Without that, this experience seemed a bottomless pit, and I was falling fast.

When we encounter such personal and emotional trauma it’s like a disease or a deep wound to the body and self-preservation and healing are a part of the natural response. I actually felt my physical body go into shock and felt its paralyzing effects immediately. Fight or flight is almost always our first reaction as the shock waves seem to blind clear thinking for a way out of this.

For me there was no immediate answer. I seemed to be in a holding cell of a timeless vacuum just letting each inhalation and exhalation settle me down to assess and put this together in some semblance that I could digest. I never felt so alone and empty to deal with this life altering moment. What did I do so wrong to deserve this? Where is the rewind button to go back to just prior? Maybe I could do something to prevent it? Just how am I supposed to handle this? I was quickly becoming an island unto myself with a storm of unanswered questions on all sides of me.

Within a few days notified family members were shocked and speechless with the same comments of it not making much sense. It didn’t seem right. Again, that elusive why was making its presents known. I had to have more clarity if I was to survive this with my sanity intact. I chose the only place to go that I knew I was safe, and that was within.

My saving grace was my knowing that I was first and foremost a spiritual being and as such was having this human experience. So, I had to handle this from two fronts. The human/emotional front that was demanding answers and healing for my damaged heart, and from the spiritual front knowing that this experience that was seemingly being directed at “me” the physical was more for the essence of me as the observer/spirit as an opportunity to choose a more loving response.

Now I realize that the “why” of all this matters only to the ego part of us which is in place to protect us from anything that spikes a negative reaction or could potentially take us out of the “norm”. But if you can put yourself in spirit mode in times of trauma or distress it’s like first sinking into deep water and then coming up to the surface for a breath of air. Thankfully I was able to do that after a few days but I’m still in the physical as well, and my pain sure seemed real enough and needed attention. It’s a constant balance in perception as we have to be in the world yet not of it. Emotions that are in our face need to be dealt with. Embraced, felt, forgiven and released. Running from them doesn’t work.

I’m not trying to sell this concept as an easy fix to personal traumatic experiences by any means. And I’m a far cry from being totally healed right now, but it has brought more of a calmness to my being, where a clarity of the” why” was able to be shown to me. Together with love and support of family and friends it can shorten the time element to wellness. Still however, the alone time is brutal. Think of it as walking on ground zero. You can’t see anything but destruction and mayhem all around. You don’t know where to go or what to do. But if you just somehow rise above it all you will be in a better position to see beyond it and decide which route out is best for you.

Life lessons, or should I say soul lessons can certainly come across as cruel to the point of being over the top, that’s for sure. And the only ones we seem to recognize are the ones that hurt, but they are a part of the growth and expansion of our very essence. So, we need to be able to look differently at these traumas that pop up in our lives and if you stand back far enough for the best view, you can ask, “what is all this showing or teaching me”? Chances are you’ll need to stop and really go deep with that question. But believe me, it’s important to address.

Every personal trauma is different and every individual experiences it differently as well. One thing for sure though, you will come out of it at some point. And if you can do your best to bring your spirit self into the equation by rising above ground zero, you will not only live through this storm, but come out of it stronger both mentally and spiritually than you’ve ever been before.

January 7, 2022

Entry 47  GOD TOLD ME

God is speaking to all of us, all the time. The question is not, to whom does God talk? The question is, who listens? - Neale Donald Walsch

Well, happy 2022 to you all! So far, we’re a week into it and nothing earth shattering has come about, at least in my part of the globe. As we all keep moving the absolute best we can amidst this cyber war that has the population soaked in fear and immersed in lies, deceit and corruption, not to mention severe whether challenges, it seems like there’s nowhere to go where it isn’t. I can easily see how some people might see all this as God’s cruel joke on humanity. People are losing faith as our fundamental rights and freedoms are being seriously curtailed or in some cases, stripped away completely. It’s all really serious for sure.

Since we really can’t stop time, or bury our heads in the sand, we put those heads down and march headlong into either the fray, or the joy of our future. We will try our best to minimize the banter and babble from our outside world adding to the confusion from a mass psychoses. As we start the second year of a radically changed world where no one is offering a fix-all solution to any of it, just how excited are you for this new year?

Actually, I’ve heard it mentioned on more than one occasion that this is a wonderful time to be alive experiencing life. I actually signed up to be here now. God told me this. God also told me to spread the word because amidst the turmoil of our current reality and despite our perceptions of current events, there is a mass awakening afoot. And it’s cosmic in scope. Everything that is going on in our outside world is by design and timely. Now I know what you’re thinking. Especially those who may be suffering in some fashion, physically, emotionally, or financially. Are you kidding me? Just look around. The world is a mess!

Okay, I get it, I really do and making a bold and broad statement like “God told me” I’m sure would raise a few eyebrows. Just let me share with you how I’ve come to this truth. I’ve made mention of this in prior blogs. Two years ago, when we were first being immersed into this world madness, I got sucked into it big time. I never before had given in to such anger, rage, and a feeling of hopelessness. It began to affect me to the point of hardly recognizing who I was, totally abandoning all that I’d come to learn about this thing called Me.

As time went on my self-preservation mechanism started to kick in thanks to my meditation practice every morning. I relied on this as my daily foundation of inner peace. It’s always worked for me in the past and more so now that I’ve been retired for over 4 years and encounter much less daily stress. I had surrendered the remainder of my life to listening to my higher self or God as I would seek guidance and clarity to fulfill my earthly mission in this incarnation. In fact, my second book, “The God Particle” was written entirely by inspiration. God talking to me, or actually, talking as me. It was for me a symbiotic experience.

That quiet peaceful self that I had come to know and appreciate was being violently taken over and I knew then that this was not where I needed to be. Outside stimuli had breached my sanctuary and the message I was consistently getting was to minimize and eventually eliminate that outside noise. Where do I go when things get a little dicey in my outside world? A little deeper into the rabbit hole. I certainly wasn’t getting any answers from outside sources, so the only place left is within. Everything in our world seemed upside down so I had to go to a place and ask the hard question; is what’s happening now apart of a cosmic plan? Now I know without a doubt that the “powers that be” in our world have a plan or agenda that’s now being played out, but is that too apart of the even larger picture?

Well guess what? That answer is a resounding yes! My studies have taken me deeper and deeper into the nature of reality and how the self is connected to it all. It’s similar to walking in the woods and getting disoriented as far as direction and where you are. You can’t see the forest for the trees kind of thing. If you rise above the trees you can easily see a way out. The further out you pull back, the more you can see of what makes up the whole. To understand the micro, you need to see the macro in all its splendor.

Here’s the deal though. First of all, if we can grasp the concept that we’re all really spiritual beings in human form, it automatically changes the playing field. Now most people have heard that before and, can agree, but do they really understand it? I think not. They’re too wrapped up in the human physical part of the program, too involved in doing human. Many have bought into the smoke screen of what’s being projected in the world we live in. Don’t get me wrong, I live in it too and it affects me like it does everyone, but it’s too easy to miss the big picture. The so-called agenda that is behind the goings on in our global community that’s got everyone in turmoil is not really where the fire is. Yes, it’s important and needs to be rectified in some form for the well-being of all. And it will be, I can promise you that.

So here is my bottom line on this at least for this post. What’s going on in the world we now inhabit is of real concern, at least from a physical perspective, no argument there. Our individual well-being is of utmost importance not only for ourselves, but our loved ones as well. Again, a physical perspective. Remember, we agreed that we were actually spiritual beings in a physical world, or is it? And what about this God that I claim to hear from within? It’s not physical as it comes through what I perceive as thought which is non-physical. This God that most of us would agree created the world and everything it includes. This non-physical entity that guides me in a direction to not only know who I really am but expand my awareness of “reality” and the way of things. The more I listen, study, and remember the more I totally understand that although we are in this world, we are certainly not of it. That is my saving grace. I will see this trial through to the best of my ability trusting totally in the fact that it is all being guided with unconditional love by powers greater than man, and for a purpose we don’t yet grasp.

There is a great awakening currently taking place that involves us all on a scale far beyond our meager ability to totally comprehend, and everything that is happening now is apart of all of it. The good, the bad and the ugly all have parts to play. The truth is out there, and God is talking. Are you listening? Rise higher in thought. The air is fresher, there is no noise, and you can see forever. I am that I am!

December 3, 2021


“Wisdom is looking back at your life and realizing that every single event, person, place, and idea was part of the perfected experience you needed to build your dream. Not one was a mistake.” ~ John Frederick Demartini

I tore November off of my large desk calendar the other day which revealed December of 2021. All of a sudden, I was struck with a feeling of ‘where did the year go?’ Then automatically, like driving a car and taking a glance into the rear-view mirror, I had to reflect back for another glance at the previous 11 months. All those minutes that turned into hours that turned into days and on to weeks which led to tearing off another month from my calendar.

I had to ask myself, ‘how did I do?’ My first thought was wondering how productive I’ve been. I suppose that may sound like a silly concern coming from a retiree of 4 years, but it’s important to me every day that I contribute something to someone in some fashion before I lay down to sleep each night. The way I figure it is that if you awake in the morning with breath and a beating heart it’s your responsibility to contribute to the collective in a positive way. It needn’t be monumental, because a simple smile or a kind word to a random person can do more that we’ll ever know.

Have I been kind and loving to those that love me? We so often forget about those that are the closest to us. We tend to take them for granted. Did I acknowledge my wife and tell her I love her every day? Was there enough quality time to share together? If not, was I aware enough to work on that? How about my grown children and my grandchildren? Did we touch bases enough? My siblings, was there meaningful contact? How about my small circle of friends? Did I see or talk to them enough?

While I’m at it, did I uphold my values over the last 11 months? Was I kind and considerate? Did I show compassion if and when it may have been needed? And most importantly, was I grateful every day for the multitude of blessings that have been bestowed on me? That list alone is endless.

Now that may seem like a long time to glance into your rear-view mirror, and if you were actually driving your car, you may have a problem. However, your “car” is in this case your life and yes, it is always moving forward, but with that forward motion we leave a trail. That trail is littered with other beings, all important and significant components to your journey. This includes those that pop in even for a short time that leave a disruptive or negative mark on us.

This leads me to the real point of this post. Aside from an awareness of being in a state of gratitude more often, it’s your relationship to yourself and others. You see one of the fundamental reasons that you’re even here in this life is to learn first of all who you really are as a spiritual being having a human experience and to come into full expression of the best version of yourself.

For all that to happen is a process of evolution of your soul which is the very essence of you that is directly apart of God the Absolute, our Creator. We are all part of what is known as a soul group. Literally hundreds of entities who all vibrate at a particular frequency based on their learning and evolution. It is from this group that we choose all the characters we need in each of our incarnations that agree to “play” specific parts that will provide us with the necessary lessons and experiences that we need to expand in some form from lifetime to lifetime. This starts with the parents we choose as portals into this physical life to our siblings, extended family members, co-workers, spouses, friends and even what we perceive as  unwelcome acquaintances. Everyone has a purpose, good, bad, or indifferent. We are in agreement with these entities prior to our birth in physical because we all have something to learn and to grow from. Unfortunately, we don’t remember this after coming into physical form, but it is something that when the time is right, we’ll understand as Truth.

Now if you’re at a place on your journey that would allow you to at least accept this concept as a possibility even with a bit of skepticism, you are already growing toward higher awareness. If none of it resonates with you now, no worries. When it’s your time, you’ll know it and begin your exploration. In either case the lesson is still wholesome. Every time from now on when you do look in the rear-view mirror of your car, to see what’s behind you, may you be reminded that it is also where you came from on so many levels. And I might add that wherever you find yourself now is a direct result of the choices you’ve made and how you’ve responded or reacted to the experiences that you’ve called forth. By owning it all, without blame or guilt, you’ve expanded your awareness and heightened your consciousness. Here you will find a peace that sustains the trials of the outside world. Your current life experience is your lesson. Learn it well as you proceed forward from the rear-view mirror.

November 19, 2021


True Guidance is like a small torch in a dark forest. It does not show everything at once, but it gives enough light for the next step to be safe.

---Swami Vivekananda

I have become more and more mindful of my own inner guidance over the last few years. Especially since I was “told” that I would be writing another book just as my first one was being released the end of 2016. That was hard to forget and even though it took a few years before I actually started writing the second book, as I was awaiting further “instructions”, I just remained confident that I’d be shown both when and how to begin.

I believe that my daily meditation time has helped in grooming me to listen and be receptive to that still small voice. Remembering what one of my early mentors, Dr. Wayne Dyer used to repeat silently prior to going on stage to talk, “how may I serve?” I adopted that mantra to end my meditations.

Now as I look at how this part of my life has unfolded since I retired over 4 years ago and have dedicated the remainder of my life to serving God and my fellow man in whatever ways I’m directed; it has been kind of amazing. Although things don’t normally happen overnight, the idea of setting the intention and just doing your day to day and being thankful all while letting go in faith that everything is synchronous, one tends to really feel peaceful and balanced.

Recently a sequence of events took place that of course at the time I didn’t think much of, but from this present point I can’t help but be amazed and thankful. The first week of October a group of guys I worked with had one of our many gatherings. Although I don’t work there any longer, I’m still included in the sometimes-zany activities mainly for camaraderie and laughs. I was talking with one of my former co-workers and he happened to mention in a conversation that he had become an ordained minister and had married his son last year. I was kind of taken back as although he’s certainly a nice enough guy, a minister type he was not. He told me it was an online thing through a church that has been around since 1977 and for a small fee would certify you to be an ordained minister and you could legally marry anyone of any denomination in all 50 states. Of course, you could also provide other services as well if you were so inclined. I know what it must sound like as I had the same initial reaction but yet there was something intriguing about it. I checked it out a couple days later and sure enough, they were legit with many testimonies and stories from those who had come on board.

As you may know by now if you’ve followed any of my prior blogs and the information on my website, I’ve already accumulated a fist full of degrees and certifications through course work and studies in metaphysics, spiritual counseling, hypnotherapy, past-life regression, EFT, and life coaching going back to 1995. I never ever really thought about ministry in any form before other than the fact that I’ve done a lot of counseling over the years. All of a sudden, I felt prompted to go for this idea of adding ordained minister to my resume of services. I didn’t know where it was going to go but I did just recently give my youngest daughter away in marriage in a lovely ceremony that was conducted by an officiant. Basically, the same thing, a lay person who offers this service on the side. My inner guidance was telling me it was right for me at this time. In short order I received my certification of ministry.

Within a months’ time, my very best friend’s wife passed away rather suddenly. He is also an integral part of this group of co-workers that I still associate with. He asked if I’d please consider doing the eulogy for his wife’s funeral, not because I had just become an ordained minister, but because we were such good friends. Of course, amid the sadness of the situation I felt it an honor to accept. I would have done it regardless but again it all just felt a little better being able to look at this honorable job of delivering a eulogy with my new ministers hat on.

I said all that because as I sat and talked about this with my wife and looking back on this whole chain of events that took place in a little less than a month, we both agreed that it was timely and divinely guided. And that my following through with it was a testimony to trusting my higher self, regarding my desire in service to mankind. I don’t know where this will go in the future, but even if it ends up being the only “official” service I provide as an ordained minister, I’m content because I listened and acted in faith. On top of that, I was honored to honor a beautiful woman we called a friend of the highest order.

This being yet another reminder that we are multi-dimensional spiritual beings that are innately connected to our Source, God and through our higher self are whisperings that if we train ourselves to hear and trust will reward us in countless ways. I started calling mine, “call to action”. Every time I hear it, I smile and say, Thank You!

As you grow on your spiritual journey know that you are balancing between dimensions of reality and with the shift in consciousness that is happening on the earth at this time it’s becoming easier to sense the inner world and the higher part of you. The awakening to our true self and our connection to all that is brings unbounded joy.

November 1, 2021


As October closed out and November rolled in, I had to put together a few of my thoughts relative to my next blog post. Before I got too far with where I thought I was going to go, something else was nagging at me that I felt maybe needed to be shared here. I always try to stay tuned in to my inner guidance and so here is what is coming from me to you.

It’s certainly no secret in my family that I’ve always been a summer type guy. Being a “Leo” with an August birthday, I so enjoy the long hot and hopefully sunny days and warm evenings. I start looking forward to it in early spring. But alas, it comes to an end all too soon as mid-September comes along with the advent of fall and October blows in. I tend to cringe, looking only at the upcoming dreaded winter along with the stressful holiday season. One might think that after all the summers I’ve been blessed to enjoy, that I’d get over it and just enjoy the change. Well, I’m trying that approach this time around. I had a little help with 3 upcoming events plus one surprise that snuck in.

First, was my wife’s birthday 6 days into October. She loves Fall and I really wanted to see her enjoy her special day in every way, so I did my best to make that happen. Next was a surprise on the 11th when I received my Credentials of Ministry. Being an ordained minister wasn’t on my long-range radar but listening to inner guidance can do surprising things if you’re open to it. On top of everything else, I’m looking forward to seeing how I can be of service in this arena as well. October 15th was next, and that day was my youngest daughter’s wedding. Without a doubt she was more stressed than I was since all I had to do was hand her over to her future husband with my blessing. And I might add, she was a sight to behold! Now I have two great son-in-laws! It was a glorious event. Two days after the wedding and some quality family time my wife and I left for a weeks’ vacation in New England to enjoy the fall foliage before it disappeared under a blanket of snow. We traveled with my brother and his wife from South Carolina to give us a little extra quality time together tooling through Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont, not to mention the Adirondacks of New York. It was beautiful and my wife couldn’t take enough pictures. Great memories.

Now I’ve shared all that just to share with you my autumn lessons learned. The first I’d say was flexibility. I really had something else in mind for this blog, something a little more esoteric and spiritual I suppose since that’s pretty much where I’m focused at this juncture of my life. But a detour can be a good thing if you just allow it. As a result of this however, I’ll probably slip in another blog this month just so I can feel fulfilled in giving you something spiritually inspiring.

My next and probably greatest lesson would have to be gratitude. I’ve written about this before in a blog or two, but it hits home when I experience it firsthand with so much in a short time. Gratitude for my wife and all she is and has shared with me. My heart swells seeing her enjoy herself and life around her. Gratitude for an opportunity for me to be of service in a different capacity to someone in need down the road. Gratitude for the blessing of family coming together to celebrate the wedding of my youngest daughter, many from out of state that I don’t get a chance to see regularly. Even gratitude for my ex-wife and her family who have always been kind to me over the years and supported my daughter with love and caring. Gratitude for my children who again are not often in one place at the same time. My brothers and sister and their families for the same reason. I also reflected even deeper for a loving gratitude for those family members who have passed on and were there in spirit. My mother and father who were the conduits for me into physical life so many years ago, along with others who were instrumental in shaping me into the man I am. Grateful for my health at this age and the ability to fully enjoy all that this past month of October has given me and finally grateful for my One True Father, Creator of All that is, knowing that He is expressed in me.

So, we now move into the month of November. Where we here in the US celebrate Thanksgiving, a one- day family and food fest that goes back to the early settlers of this country who were thankful for the bounty of the harvest and the opportunity in a new land. I sincerely feel that with all the turmoil and fear that is abound globally many of us don’t take the time to look deeper into what we all have to be thankful for, not just for one day out of one month a year, but for at least once a day, every day of the year. Just this one simple action can not only bring a smile to your heart, but help you focus on the love and good in this world.

October 2, 2021


“The journey of the hero is about the courage to seek the depths; the image of creative rebirth; the eternal cycle of change within us; the uncanny discovery that the seeker is the mystery which the seeker seeks to know.”

Joseph Campbell

In the last four blog posts I took you on a deep dive into the cosmic reality of self. My purpose in what may have been difficult for some was to help you see from a much wider perspective not only who you really are as a being, but what you are a part of and the vastness of this universe. Uni-verse, meaning one song. We are all really one in unison with the Creator God, the Absolute. It’s hard to grasp that concept since we are so immersed in the illusion of separateness and individuality.

For now, that’s okay. After all we came into this life as expressions of our Source to experience life from all different perspectives. We came from all different beginnings, and we all have different paths and purposes in this third density reality. We all have different talents, skills and dreams and it is our job to follow our hearts desires. So, you could say we are on a journey of discovery of not only life, but of self.

The final stage of the hero’s journey is the return to the beginning, to Source, our origin. In your time here now though it’s not so much about the completion of the journey as much as it is in fully connecting in the adventure of it. Knowing through a new awareness that it continues beyond this physical incarnation and the essence of who your really are in spirit, keeps evolving as the life force is never extinguished. Much like a movie with sequels. Each with a different threshold, different death and rebirth moments, and different returns, all before a new call to adventure comes from higher consciousness, a higher level on the spiral.

Remember when you looked forward to finishing school, be it high school or college? You would get a job and somehow that was the end of something. The end of learning? The end of struggling? Or getting that one right job would be the end of lack and scarcity. Or getting that one right relationship would be the end of loneliness. Was it so? Probably not.

One meal ending eventually becomes a new meal beginning. One breath ending becomes the next breath beginning. Life (Spirit) is ever expanding and what It is we all are. That being the case, does it not make sense that our lives are an ever-expanding hero’s journey to higher and more expansive ways of being alive?

Look at your life today, right now, where on your hero’s journey are you? What we are invited to learn, to release, to realize and to embody as we continue to live, laugh and love is that we’re eternal, infinite divinely magnificent beings who are experiencing just one chapter in our saga of life.

September 1 2021


Well, here we are, hoping that since my last post you’ve come up for some air for a few weeks and have enough within you to take another deep breath and lunge back down for one more deep dive. I realize that this mega dive into a world that most probably never even knew about is a bit much for some, but I am thankful that you’re here as I attempt to help you re-configure the foundation of yourself. I will be getting back to more digestible topics soon enough, but just considering these concepts will widen your perspective of your place in this thing called life and the sheer vastness of the wholeness we belong to. Ultimately, this knowledge if you can accept it on some level can also help you see the bumps in your road need not be as intense as you make them. We are all an integral part of a loving consciousness called God and are loved unconditionally.

My thought was that I was only going to discuss the next three realms, stopping at nine. I’ve now decided that since there are to my knowledge, twelve levels of existence, that it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t shine a little light on all of them. Besides, for my borderline OCD it would be like walking away from a half-made bed. So, as Larry the Cable Guy says, Let’s Get ‘er done.

The Cosmic Group of Densities:

Seventh Density—Planetary Consciousness, Cosmic Realm

There is much more to our home planet Earth, also known as Gaia, than meets our eye. In our 3D physical realm, she is a home to humanity. Her spiritual heart, however, resides in this nonphysical, seventh density realm of spiritual light.

This is the first density layer devoted to the cosmic scale of consciousness. A human being can visit seventh density during a period of cosmic consciousness, but they cannot reside there permanently for the sheer size and power of it.

Eighth Density—Solar Consciousness, Eternity Realm

The spiritual heart of the Sun is in eighth density consciousness. From our 3D view of its physical body, it is actually a faint reflection of its spiritual radiance.

As well as living within its third-density heliosphere, we are connected, at the eighth-density level of consciousness, with the spiritual being we call the Sun. You cannot be born within its sphere without first becoming a part of it energetically. We are, as stated correctly by ancient cultures, Children of the Sun.

Ninth Density—The Galaxies and their Central Suns, God Realm

A Galaxy is a living cell within the consciousness of the universe. Like the Sun, which later gave birth to its planets, each galaxy give birth to the suns within its massive body.

To appreciate the scale of Creation of which you are a part, radio astronomy has given us some idea of the total count of galaxies in existence. Currently, there are believed to be between 100 and 125 billion galaxies in existence in the universe.

The Divine Group of Densities:

Tenth Density—The Central Sun of the Universe, Multi-verse Realm

This is the manifestation of the original stage of the Creation. It is the expression of divine consciousness as the energetic hub of the created universe. Like the central suns of the galaxies, this source of all like in the universe is unmanifest in the physical realm.

Eleventh Density—The Watchers, Omni-verse Realm

These are the guardians of all of Creation. The Watchers, or Lords of Karma, ceaselessly observe and adjust the universe to keep it in perfect balance in accordance with the all-pervasive law of action and reaction.

The function of the Watchers is to protect all life in the universe. When necessary, they immerse themselves into the deeper densities in order to manage details or to initiate new projects within the universe. One such project has been ours: The creation of human consciousness and its gradual immersion into deeper, and therefore more sharply focused, layers of density.

Like all layers of consciousness, we are directly connected to the Watchers. They are part of the spiritual lineage which connects us to the ultimate state from which we all came, that of Infinite Being.

Twelfth Density—The Founders, Love Realm

The Founders of life in the universe, the Lords of Creation, exist within the highest density layer of the universe. It is from here that consciousness is loaded with energetic potential and cascades throughout all densities within Creation, distributing its potential as needed within each density along the way.

This cascade of the energy of consciousness passes through the Central Sun of the universe, then to the solar systems via the central suns of the galaxies. As it reaches the lower densities, it is also transformed into the energies that are required to maintain the existence of physical and etheric matter. As etheric energy, it sustains physical life and maintains the orbits of the planets and the electric particles within each atom.

Beyond the Twelfth Density—Infinite Being, God, Source, The Absolute

Infinite Being is the indivisible One, the origin of All That Is. The twelve densities of this universe are held within its consciousness.

** Sourced from “Stairway to Heaven” by Owen Waters

August 4, 2021


This month I found myself procrastinating to sit down and put this entry together. I’m a bit embarrassed to even admit that, but there’s that little voice within that questions whether or not anyone who may happen on it would even be interested to venture into this depth at this stage of their spiritual evolution.

That being said I am choosing to go ahead and write it anyway. My decision was based in part on a recent article I read relative to the one cardinal rule that authors should remember. And that is, that we should never write for everyone, but instead write for someone. I thought that was pretty profound and spoke volumes.

Now I have really no idea just how many people read my blog posts at any given time or even if by intention or happenstance. However, I do happen to know of at least one person that does read it and even looks forward to each entry. She even goes so far as to reach out over thousands of miles to discuss it with me. I know that she is a young person who is advanced beyond her physical years and very devoted to her Creator and the spiritual path she is exploring at this time.

Naturally it is my desire that others who are ready will find their way to this post as well as prior and future posts. I do believe that this information, as deep as it may seem at the onset is fundamental wisdom that one should be aware of in exploring the self and your relationship to Infinite Being, Creator God.

Okay, we left off covering the 3 material world densities which include the “reality” that we all are playing in right now. I use the term “reality” lightly here because as we go along you may understand it differently. So, let’s move onward shall we.

The Spiritual Group of Densities

The next layers of density are the spiritual group. The gateway to spiritual consciousness is through the level of consciousness to which mankind is currently awakening – that of heart-centered consciousness. For humanity, this is where the adventure really begins!

Fourth Density – Integration (Spirit Level)

In fourth-density consciousness, the heart awakens to a natural unrestricted flow of unconditional love. In third-density consciousness, humans develop themes of separation from each other. In fourth density, they develop integration, or the healing of separation.

After our physical death we (our soul) moves to the fourth density where the spirit realm, or afterlife, is located. Here, people resolve and integrate the emotional experiences that they gained during their physical lives. When today’s massive Shift in consciousness has played through sufficiently, fourth density will also become the new location for physical human consciousness. In this density, the qualities of balance and unconditional love are developed, which lead to the development of inner joy. This density is a quasi-physical realm.

Fifth Density – Soul Consciousness (Soul Level)

Fifth density brings with it the ability to create powerful realities and to transcend space and time. Once spirits in the afterlife have integrated their emotions and resolved their conflicts, they can pass on into fifth density. Fifth density is a nonphysical realm of the soul, of the “higher self” or inner being. Your inner being is your complete consciousness, and therefore includes the subconscious and super-conscious aspects of mind.

Your inner being has a clear connection to the higher densities and to Infinite Being. Therefore, developing a clear connection to your inner being provides you with a direct source of spiritual empowerment.

Sixth Density – Group Souls (Angelic Level)

While your immediate soul mates may number, typically, seven other souls, your soul family is much larger. It is closer to two thousand individuals, grouped together in a huge family of people with common likes and interests.

You share a similar energetic background, history, and many preferences as to the kinds of experiences that you enjoy. These are the people with whom you share the most empathy. To your inner being, they are “Home.”

Of the other members of your soul family, less than half will typically be in physical incarnation at any given time. Many will live in other countries and in other parts of your country. When you meet them, you recognize them as people whom you feel are special in some way. There is a resonance within your own consciousness that is quite different to how you would react to a total stranger.

Sixth density is where fields of consciousness grow larger in preparation for an eventual quantum leap into the cosmic scale of seventh-density existence. Although a soul family is comprised of many individuals, it is also a large field of consciousness within its own right. Other examples of sixth-density consciousness include angels, saints, world teachers, and members of the Association of Light. It is also the source of the light of the universal Spirit, which can be contacted during deep meditation.

Sixth density is home to some of the greatest souls who have ever graced the earth with their presence. The field of consciousness of a world spiritual teacher, for example, is enormous in comparison to the field of consciousness of one typical human. It is because of this great capacity of consciousness, along with their ability to divide their attention into many parts at one time, which allows world teachers to service the needs of all those who call upon them in their times of need.

Archangels are based in upper sixth density so that their awareness can encompass the entire planet in all its manifestations in fifth, fourth, and third densities. In this way, these global spirits are capable of detecting and responding to multiple calls for assistance all at once.

The presence people know as Mother Nature is also based in upper sixth density so that she and her nature spirits may be present in all places where life is to be nurtured.

The Association of Light consists of many thousands of spiritual beings who, having mastered cosmic consciousness, then passed through the initiation of full ascension. Their function today is to balance the energy of humanity. By attracting, conditioning and transmitting spiritual light into the world, they hold the balance of light for humanity so that we may continue our experience upon earth, uninterrupted by what would otherwise be the automatic, karmic reflections of the worst of humanity’s actions.

Their example of giving service by attracting, conditioning and transmitting spiritual light into the world is one which we will all grow to follow as we develop spiritually.

** Much of the information in within the context of my “Deep Dive” posts comes from continual research of many mystical metaphysical scholars that I’ve read and studied for years. Most of this sharing is credited to my Spiritual Metaphysics teacher, Owen Waters and his many publications at the Spiritual Dynamics Academy.

July 13, 2021

Entry 40  DEEP DIVE PART 2

“While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.” 2 Corinthians 4:18

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” Socrates

In every persons life a point of awakening occurs. Something happens to wake us up and cause us to realize there is more going on in life than just what meets the eye. It is the souls appointment with destiny.

I’m not sure how they do it these days, but back when I was in grade school and when math, my not so favorite subject was being taught we had to learn fractions. I think what stuck in my head more than anything else was the terminology of finding the lowest common denominator. It was supposed to simplify the process. Well, I still wasn’t particularly good at that when it came to math, but I’d like to use it as a starting block to look at life so that you may see a different perspective relative to the confusion and mayhem, we find ourselves in. The outside world and what may appear as radical changes can be daunting if not downright scary.

In order to make sense of it I’m recommending starting at the lowest common denominator, you! So may I suggest you leave your current beliefs at the door while we take this deep dive into the cosmic realm or what some may term mysticism. Now before you run away screaming of witches and demons, consider how English writer Evelyn Underhill defined it. “the hunger for reality, the unwillingness to be satisfied with the purely animal or the purely social level of consciousness.” The mystic way is simply the road less traveled to understand the relationship of the self with the universe to higher levels than our ordinary states of awareness.

Human beings question everything. It’s a natural response to our outside world and environment. Evolution has brought us to a point now where more and more people are beginning to look deeper within themselves and asking questions such as “Who am I really?” “Why am I here?” “What about God and what is the true connection?” “What happens when we die?” “Have I lived before?” Answers to questions like these and many more lie in the exploration of mysticism.

You’ve heard me say on more than one occasion that we are really spiritual beings having a human experience rather than a human being who may sometimes have a spiritual experience. I heard that phrase many years ago by one of my early mentors, Dr. Wayne Dyer. It was one of the many concepts that I’ve encountered that just rang of truth for me and I now own it without question.

What I continued to question from that point was reality itself, or should I say what we perceive as reality. In my never-ending quest to find the lowest common denominator relative to life, I needed to know just what my newly adopted concept of self actually is. The following will be what I’ve come to not only understand, but passionately believe and known as truth after many years of study and reading material that I was inspired to literally feel deep within. All of which have been a part of my awakening. I will share this monumental concept with you in parts so as to be easily digested. Eventually, you may begin see how small your problems really are in retrospect to just how big and powerful you really are.

There are twelve density layers of creation. The Twelve Densities of Creation are divided into four groups of three densities. These four groups contain the material, spiritual, cosmic and divine density layers of existence. A density is a layer of compressed consciousness. Life itself is pure consciousness in various frequencies. It’s important to note also that each density has twelve sub-layers or overtones.

The Material Group of Densities

The three most dense layers are the material group. These relate to basic physical existence.

First Density – Matter (Rudimentary Level)

First density consciousness is the realm of the atoms and molecules of physical matter as well as the basic sense of survival. This is the home density of the consciousness of the elements which form the basis of physical matter, including the physical bodies employed by plants, animals and humans.

Second Density – Biology (Instinctual Level)

Second density supports the consciousness of plant and animal life as well as the urge to grow. Plant life, for example, reproduces and spreads until it reaches the limits provided by its environment. Second density is also the density of the basic emotions, such as anger and fear.

Third Density – Individuality (Humanity Level)

Third density is the current realm of existence for the combined consciousness of physical humanity. It is where the consciousness of individuality and self-awareness is developed. Humanity’s experience of separation from its inner source is a deliberate experiment whereby the illusion of physical existence becomes very real.

The game of human physicality began long ago. As curious spirits, we progressed into a desire for maximum effect and then went on to discover how to create total immersion within the game. It is this total immersion within physicality which makes life on earth seem so real, so full of passion, so disconnected from our spiritual source and, yet, full of so much potential for self-discovery.

The experience of humanity’s separation from its inner source is achieved through using a physical brain which focuses on the five senses. These senses feed information to the brain from a universe which appears to be external. Our brains are wired to perceive space and to experience time. The turning of our attention away from inner, spiritually connected information provides a sharply defined sense of individuality, one which would not have been possible were our brains designed differently.

Third-density consciousness also supports other qualities for an evolving consciousness, such as the discovery of courage and optimism, and the development of intellect and reason.

We will stop there for now and continue on starting with the Spiritual Group Densities in my next entry. I realize that this material is much deeper than any of my past blog posts, so I urge you that if you have any questions up to this point, feel free to contact me via email and I will do my best to clarify.

Believe it or not there is a part of you that already knows all this!

July 3, 2021

Entry 39  DEEP DIVE PART 1

I believe that I’ve come to a point in my current incarnation, or as some mystics would phrase it, incarceration that after this last year and a half I feel more at “home” living in the rabbit hole of what I deem as ultimate reality. Now the definition of that is as wide as the cosmos itself and is as personal as any individual may perceive it. In other words, within it is my truth or what harmonizes with me on a deep soul level. My consciousness has been undergoing a slow and steady expansion over the last 30 plus years since I was so powerfully moved into the study and understanding of metaphysics and spirituality. At the time I didn’t really know why I was so moved and intrigued by it, but I sure see it now.

The outside world as we’ve known it seems to have been turned upside down and the Biblical prophecy of the “end times” appear to be upon us. Although not necessarily as quick and radical as we may have first imagined it being, much of humanity is confused and living in fear. We don’t know what to make of it all. Our governments globally are corrupt and promote lies and cover-ups for financial gains and power. Governments are supposed to be working for the people, not the other way around. Even our media is compromised worldwide. Where do or can we get our truth?

I got sucked in from the get-go. Starting after the so-called Presidential election here in the US to the smoke screen known as the global pandemic or Covid 19 and the way too quick breakout of a “vaccine” cure-all. I just knew something was not quite right and I wanted to know everything I could before I’d buy into a herd mentality. Something inside of me was rattled like never before and I became obsessed with knowing the truth. To be honest, it’s been exhausting. Not to mention frustrating. I quickly learned that we’ll probably never get the real truth from the outside world. The sad part is that I knew better, but the world I live in is hurting and I wanted to try to understand it.

Now I’ve mentioned this in a prior blog, and it needs repeating. This isn’t a platform for a political stance. I never belonged to any political party or even followed politics at all, nor am I any kind of activist outside of being a patriot for truth. Hell, the simple fact is I’ve been seeking out truth for over 30 years in my studies relative to life and the self. Going deep didn’t scare me. I questioned my own inherited belief system in my thirties and became an island unto myself as most of my family didn’t quite get where I was coming from. I just didn’t feel comfortable with what I was being fed spiritually. The point to all this is that in these helter- skelter mixed up times, and despite my incessant search for answers and truth in my outside world, along with my mixed and sometimes rebellious emotions, I’m waving the white flag. It’s not because I don’t care about my country or the people in it. On the contrary, I really want to help in some fashion. And the only way that can happen is if I go where the truth and peace really resides…within, or my inside world.

I’m reminded of the story of a little boy who was home alone with his dad on a Saturday and desperately wanted to go outside and play catch with him. Unfortunately, dad had a project to finish for his work first and told his son that after he finished, he’d join him outside. Well, the young lad was a bit impatient and interrupted his working father a couple of times within a short period. Dad was running short on patients with his young son, and he grabbed a magazine from his desk, thumbed through it and found a picture of the world. He ripped it out of the binding and tore it into several pieces. He proceeded to hand the boy the torn pieces of the world together with a roll of scotch tape. “Go into the other room and tape together this picture of the world and when you’re done, I should be done with my work”, said the father. Well, ten minutes later the little boy knocked on his dads office door. “You can’t be done already”, said dad. The boy proudly held up the picture. “How did you do that so fast?” asked dad. “It was easy”, replied the boy. “You see on the other side of the picture of the world, was a picture of a man. So, all I had to do is to put the man together and then the world came together”.

I feel that I can best help others navigate the tumultuous waters of our changing times by first retreating to your inside world. We will begin to look at and understand just who you really are and once you can grasp that, you stand a better chance to rise above the noise and confusion of your outside world. It’s time for a transformation.

I will bring this to you in probably three parts. I intend to write the next entry mid-month to get things going. In the meantime, close your eyes, take a deep breath and begin to let go of the outside ruckus.

June 5, 2021

Entry 38  ORDER UP

"All things are produced by thought. The thing produced from mind is first formed in thought; thought molds mind into form.     --Ernest Holmes, "Creative Mind"

Imagine going into a sandwich shop and asking for a submarine sandwich. With so many options, you have no idea what you will receive. You just might get the unwanted, low-quality leftovers. Maybe not--but why take a chance when any type of sandwich you can imagine is waiting behind the counter to be handcrafted for you?

You want all veggies? No problem. Maybe you want a sub on Italian bread with some protein, mustard and pickles. Coming right up! The choices are almost infinite. The whole realm of sandwich possibilities is just waiting for you to call into creation your own choice. But, you've got to be specific or there is a strong possibility you'll get whatever is left.

The Universe is delighted to fill your order. The whole Infinite realm of possibilities is waiting behind the cosmic counter for you to give your directive. You do this by speaking your thoughts into the receptive medium. You take the inner picture you have and make it known. There is then a corresponding effect in the outer world. It is the inner realization taking form. You take what you want to experience and declare it. You don't go in saying I don't want this and I don't want that. This kind of approach doesn't bring what you desire from the other side of the counter.

You have to make known what you want from life as clearly as what you want on that sandwich. Otherwise, you'll keep the Infinite guessing, just like that sandwich maker.

How great is it to realize we are co-creators. We have the ability to experience something for our physical use, from nowhere to now here. We all do it pretty much everyday but rarely ever give it a thought. Of course there a little more to understanding the process of intentional manifesting than "think and have", but a gift from God for us all none the less. And we are so much more. We're actually multidimensional cosmic beings.

This opens the door for further exploration. Are you up for a deeper dive? Stay tuned.

May 14, 2021


My wife gets home from work just before midnight. As per my normal routine I am still up waiting on her safe return home. Sometimes I’m just reading, trying hard to stay awake and sometimes I’m in my office on the computer. Last night I was just sitting and waiting. When she came in, the first thing she said after “hi” was, “so did you hear the good news”? Since I don’t pay attention to mainstream media, I said, “no, what news”? Well, apparently the CDC lifted the mask mandate nationwide for those fully “vaccinated” individuals. A few exceptions are planes and buses. I said, “wow, that’s great!” She knows how much I really hate those things and make no bones about making sure everyone around me knows it.

Of course, early this morning I checked on the story and low and behold, she was right last night. But wait, what’s this that I’m reading? Oh, it’s our illustrious New York State governor saying no, not our state. So, once she awoke and with her eyes barely opened, she came into my office to say good morning, I presented her with the headlines. She immediately said, “no, not yet it’s too early”! She needed coffee first. I feel her pain.

Anyway, I could go on about all this in my usual fashion, as it can make my blood boil, but it isn’t my platform for this blog post or any blog post for that matter. But what is my platform today is what I was inspired with from my morning meditation and inspirational reading time. It kind of plays into my lead in story by way of our responses to each other’s news from the outside world.

You’re holding a cup of coffee and someone bumps into you, causing you to spill your coffee all over everything around you. Here’s the trick question. Why did you spill the coffee? I suppose you would think the answer is obvious, right? Because someone bumped into you. Nope, wrong! You spilled the coffee because there was coffee in the cup. Had there been tea in the cup you would have spilled tea. Whatever is in the cup is what spills out.

In life there is always going to be someone who “bumps into you”. So, whatever is inside of you will come out. These are particularly difficult and emotional times to say the least. We all harbor some kind of feeling, opinion or emotion simply because we are in the world and have to respond or react to the stimuli in our face, (or on it). And when we get shaken, our truth will spill out and be known.

So, you’ve got to ask yourself, “what’s inside of me”? When you get roughed up what comes out of you? Is it rage or disgust or some other nasty negative display? Or do you become casually unmoved maintaining your peace and composure? Chances are most of us react with cat like reflexes and spout before we think. You may even believe it’s natural. No, it’s easier but it sure shouldn’t be natural.

Now more than ever the world situation is giving us all a golden opportunity to reset ourselves from the inside, outward. The only way that happens is by shoring up your foundation with daily meditation and introspection. Cultivate your inner peace and don’t be afraid to have a dialog with the Creator of all life, however you envision that. Just a few minutes at the beginning of your day to start. With time and commitment, you will, as Gandhi said, “become the change you want to see”. I’m not saying it’s easy. I’ve been practicing for years and I still have a long way to go but to my credit, I am aware and do think before I spout. Well, most of the time.

What’s in your cup?

Entry 36  From Chaos to Serenity

May 2, 2021

If you’re like most humans living on this planet at this time, there is at least a small interest in knowing what’s going on either around the world or at least locally each day at some point after awakening. Some people click on the news in some format before their eyes are fully open or even before coffee. For the love of God, I don’t quite get that but, to each their own.

Depending upon how you look at it these times we’re living in can be perceived as either a blessing or a curse. I say that because some may see a wide scope awakening and a cleansing from an old paradigm to a new one, where others may just be in total fear mode seeing the smaller picture of restrictions and radical change. Either way, humans are a naturally curious lot and there is certainly a plethora of information to be privy to. And, coming from someone who never really cared much in my younger years, it can be captivating to me now just because there is so much that affects us all on a global scale. We’re all at a different place with our ideals, values and beliefs, not to mention allegiances, and that’s to be respected. We gather our information and no matter how or where we compartmentalize it, it will affect us in some form or fashion.

My point here is this. Sometimes when I tune into the “news”, it seems like the whole world has gone mad. And honestly, it can feel fearful at first sight. Here is where I have to remind myself that this is the world of appearances and there is a whole rich amazing life within me that has nothing to do with that. There is a place inside of me that is untouched by the chaos of the world, a part entirely centered in the awareness of the divine love and unlimited possibilities of our Creator God.

For me, this is a place from which I must start my day. A day of inspiration from within and balance to be able to live in the world we have but not be of the world we see. By anchoring my consciousness first thing in the morning I can find calm in discord. Within turmoil, I sense serenity. Feeling lost, I am suddenly found. I remind myself that I have powerful unseen resources that provide for me and keep me safe. I remind myself how much God loves all of us and that a great healing is taking place that we are all part of just because we were born in this time and place. Lastly, I remind myself how important it is for me to keep my consciousness high, no matter the degree of insanity that shows up in the outer world.

Right in the center of who and what you really are is a guiding light. Every possible solution is already known. Feel soothed as you allow yourself to feel the empowerment that is so vitally alive within you. Feel your strength, your clarity, your focus and your conviction. Remember how much you are loved and the power of that love. Turn down the outside chaos and turn up the inner serenity. Be reminded that you are a spiritual being having a human experience thereby having the advantage of stepping outside of yourself and becoming the observer of the experience and choosing harmonious input verses input that upsets your world.

Entry 35  Metaphysical Resurrection

April 1, 2021

Ye are the light of the world… Matthew 5:14

This is Easter week of 2021. Easter Sunday will be two days from this writing. For a large portion of our world, it has always been recognized as the resurrection of Jesus the Christ after a physical death on a cross over 2000 years ago. A sign of re-birth or new life, that death holds no power over righteousness. We’ve also associated it with the season of Spring in this hemisphere, where nature blossoms into her magnificent display of life after a winters sleep.

Over the last year we’ve all lived through the changing of our outer world in some capacity or another and it’s been hard and scary to say the least. We scarcely notice however the only thing that is not changing and will never change, and that is the sacred and holy place within you. It remains that silent still spot that is the home of your very essence that is your Creator God, or whatever label you choose to call it.

So, to define metaphysical resurrection at least from my perspective is to awaken now to a new outlook on life starting from the inside, outward. I believe that the concepts of right and wrong are constructed by man. We have to search inside ourselves to find “the way, the truth and the life.” In that place, you will find the answers to all your questions and the clarity you need at this time. It is in that place that we can reconnect to the oneness of all life and the unity of our humanity. Within, you raise your consciousness to gain both the power to rise above any outside circumstance and the peace that enables you to endure any outward condition.

You see it is that very essence within you that is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, which has been there since the beginning of time. All the answers lie within you. The message of Easter is the gift of life. Resurrecting to a new awareness to your very being. The recognition of your true spiritual self that never really dies. It just lies quietly within awaiting to be recognized and accepted.

You will find it and use it through inner exploration, meditation, quiet walks in nature and simply being still with the Self and listening. It can be an answer for these times we find ourselves in because we can’t count on the outside world to give us what we seek. Our job then is to realize our oneness with all of life and the peace and harmony that comes from that awareness.

Entry 34  Spring Into the Unseen

March 1, 2021

Well, I don’t know about you but I’m more than ready. In just a bit over three weeks we will be ushering in Spring, 2021. Of course, just because the calendar says it begins doesn’t certainly mean that the switch will flip, and we’ll be in flowers and sunshine. Typically, in this part of the country March is probably the most unpredictable month we have. But the anticipation into the unseen is welcome.

Unpredictable too is unfortunately the current state of our outside world. It’s been a whole year. Can you believe it? And I only feel it from our country. I can only imagine the misery and uncertainty from people throughout the world. I remember an old saying that said something like; if the outlook doesn’t seem good, try the up look… I always liked the sounds of that, but for me it seems an oxymoron in that it’s more inward. If it’s noisy outside, you close the door and go inside.

My previous post spoke of Divine order and that concept does really bring a peace to my heart so that I may better deal with being in the world, but not of the world. With that I feel that I’d like to share that my retreat to this mindset has brought me into another level of the rabbit hole of our unseen self. It’s a glorious place and really nothing to be afraid of. It lies quietly waiting for our readiness to touch it and hopefully embrace it. I can’t seem to get enough of it. I feel like I’ve been starving, and I walked into a banquet of truth, love and wholeness that has always been available to each of us.

Before I go any further, I wish to reiterate the purpose of this blog. It’s to bring awareness to those of you that find yourself reading it. I don’t want to assume you are totally at a place to accept all these concepts that have become a part of who I am, but the fact is that you’re reading it, so you’re at least on the road. I’m going to touch on some deeper concepts of self here and upcoming posts that have become pivotal for me at this time, making the chaos and uncertainty of the outside world more digestible. After all, we still have to live in this physical dimension.

You have a life plan. I’m not talking about your conscious plans for the future. I’m alluding to the unseen life plan. One that you may be on if your life seems to be going along smoothly and you are in harmony, or conversely if you’ve slipped off THE life plan, and things seem out of sorts and you may be depressed, lost or lonely.

Let’s define Life Plan. A series of experiences that encompasses your entire life in the earth-plane. A life plan is designed by you with the mentorship of your higher self and spirit guides before your birth while you’re in spirit form. The purpose is to decide what knowledge and wisdom you want to gain from the experiences you choose, thereby contributing to your advancement and evolution in consciousness. The knowledge and wisdom to be gained are designed in the form of learning lessons within the experience you’ve chosen.

Your life plan includes the era of history you are born into, the parents you will have, your family of siblings and relatives, and all the people you will meet and experience as an infant, youngster, teenager, and adult.

Accomplishing your life plan is where you can find motivation, purpose, and meaning in your life. It sounds like pre-destiny, and it is—you have programed your journey in the earth-plane, but you don’t have to be bound by your life plan. You have the choice to change it if you want. The life plan you chose was based on what you wanted to learn in order to advance in knowledge and wisdom in your evolution of consciousness. However, since you have freewill, you do have the choice of changing it.

Wow. I bet that opened a door or two, or at least a window. My suggestion is to read it again and chew on it, sleep on it and accept what you can or not. If you really think about your life as it is now and you allow yourself to think, well, what if? The unseen will show you a whole new world of who you really are. Remember the analogy of the iceberg. There is more of it in the unseen depths than is visible to the physical eye.

Entry 33  Divine Order

February 1, 2021

I don’t know about you, but after all we’ve been through since March of 2020 through the end of January 2021, I for one feel like I’ve been on the longest roller coaster ride of my life. Not only that but it hasn’t really even stopped yet.

For a guy who for all of my adult years never really got overly involved or excited about the goings on with the government, politics or world affairs outside of keeping abreast of the headlines in a local newspaper, these last 10 months have knocked me for a loop emotionally and consequently physically. To endure so many radical changes in such a short period of time is not something most of us are too familiar with. No one really likes to change from the comfort of familiarity, but when it is thrust upon us it takes some doing to get used to. One thing I’ve always known though is that change is the only constant that directly affects everyone. The only thing that doesn’t change is change itself.

It’s times like this that I’m thankful for the over 30 years I’ve spent in the study of metaphysics, cultivating an understanding of not only the reality of self, but what life is all about and our place in it. Getting a view from a higher awareness puts a whole new perspective on things, like watching a play from the balcony.

Since mid-January I decided to step back away from the flames and emotions that are seemingly taking over society here in our country, not to mention the rest of our planet and its people and, fall back on a guiding principle that I’ve always known but seemed to have forgotten amidst the noise and confusion. It’s called Divine Order. Everything from our biology to the cosmology of the universe is a part of it.

Lately, for me it’s been a saving grace. A cosmic letting go and allowing the real higher power, God, the Absolute or whatever label you want to use to drive this ship. Granted, it doesn’t mean total and complete passivity and burying ones head in the sand and not playing an active part in life, but when one gets to the point of emotional overload where it can overtake your physical being, you just have to stop and reassess. I’m not advocating that this is easy or even for everyone but just stop a minute and hear me out.

Just start with taking a deep dive into your own life story. Recall a few times that you were confronted with a radical change or even a traumatic incident for that matter. Now, here’s where you may have to stretch some. At the time it was the worst thing ever and you would have done anything to not have to go through that, but you couldn’t do anything about it. Now look at you. You’re still alive and it’s behind you. What did that do for the broader picture of who you now have come to be. What did you learn? How did you grow? What did that wrinkle in your life path provide you at this juncture? As bad as it may have been, and I’m not trying to come off insensitive here but there was some growth. There had to be. You may have to pull away from the personal part you played and become the observer of it to see the value, but you should see it.

Let’s take it one step further and look at the history of the world as we know it. How many wars has mankind endured? How many millions of lives have been destroyed as a result? How many countries have been effectively destroyed to the point of near annihilation? Just look at Japan from the second world war. Was it worse than bad? Was it inhuman? Absolutely! But look at them now. What does all this show us? How did we as a civilization benefit in the long run. What did we learn? Did we not grow and learn a few valuable lessons about living together and sharing to improve the well-being of others? Of course, we did. All that stuff had to happen to bring us to a better place on a global scale. All was good until it wasn’t again. Then another cycle of rooting out the bad for the emergence of the good.

We are in the “end times”, no doubt. There is turmoil, unrest, mass corruption, and all kinds of blackness that is clouding our very lives and ability to see with any clarity any kind of bright future. It’s not the end of the world per se, but the end of the world as we knew it, not unlike what it’s seen before. The only difference is that for many of us, it’s in our face for the first time and damn uncomfortable.

Besides taking any active role that can help the process in a positive light and those in need who are suffering, this is where we need to acknowledge that God has got this. There is always a reason for everything that happens despite the fact that we can’t see it at this moment. Let go and just learn to trust in the one and only power that has been here from the beginning with nothing but love for us all.

Take a deep breath or three and repeat this affirmation aloud or to yourself; “my life and my world are in Divine Order now and always”. It starts with you. We have more to be thankful for than we have to complain about if you look deep enough. Allow this shift in global consciousness to play out. Evolution takes time and it is happening whether we know it or not. There is more love than hate, more good than evil, more honest hardworking people than corrupt politicians and by far, more hopeful, grateful and responsible human beings than those who want to take advantage of the masses. We will survive and prevail. As Gandhi said, “be the change you want to see in the world”. Be one with Divine Order.

Entry 32  Close One Door Open Another

January 1, 2021

You have arrived. Welcome to 2021. Each new year the general consensus is always one of optimism for the next 12 months of our lives as we bid farewell to the previous year. I don’t think there are all that many people who would feel all that sorry to see 2020 go by the wayside. It was sure more than anyone bargained for as they cheered it in last December 31st. Who would have thought we’d experience all we did on a global, national and personal level? What do we do with all that? Well, I propose two things we can do.

The first is to evaluate last year. It is true that it is most beneficial to live in and focus on the present as it is where we are all the time. However, like driving your car forward, an occasional glance in the rear-view mirror is necessary. It is appropriate for us to reflect on the past year, especially this last one. Take a few moments today to look back on the year that was and, as you do so, be soothing with yourself, mindful of being as gentle as you would be with an infant.

Think about the birthdays, anniversaries, memorials, weddings, graduations, vacations and family gatherings that could not take place or be honored like they ordinarily would be. Reflect on the areas you have grown into that you ordinarily would have not thought possible. Consider the shifts in societal awareness that have emerged, bringing us important and necessary conversations that might not have risen into our group awareness had we not been sheltering in place. Reflect on the successes, disappointments, losses gains, adaptations and decisions you have made.

It is essential to face life just as it is and just as it is not, and to do so from a place of gentle power, acknowledging the whole range of emotions that come with this reflection. You have been tempered beyond what you would have normally allowed yourself to be and have come out on the other end of this past year completely different.

Now, the second thing is to ask yourself, who will you be? As important as it is to evaluate the past, it is equally important to look to the future by thinking of how you would like to be in this new year. Without a mental road map, it is challenging to know if you are staying on the path that you may set for yourself, and it’s easy to stray and lose focus. Let’s face it, you’ve had a lot more opportunity than normal to put thought into your life under the various circumstances we found ourselves in. Difficult times and unexpected changes in life tend to initiate fear of the unknown at first, but it also can open the door to the inner self. I’m betting you found yourself resolving to prayer in one form or another more often than you did prior to our global mess.

At this point, even though we’re still not quite “out of the woods” with what’s going on and we are still adjusting to a new normal, you are a survivor. That is something to celebrate. You still have life to live and more to give. Did you happen to experience a feeling of being repressed in some form last year? A feeling that you were limited to do what you wanted when you wanted. I know I did and it’s not a nice feeling. It served to intensify my personal drive to do and be more while my heart still beats and there is air in my lungs. I want to do more of what makes me feel alive. What about you?

Instead of a silly New Year’s resolution for the same old goals that fade away within a month, might I suggest you cultivate a quiet space in your day, every day to just be and listen. Listen to you higher self through your heart. What really defines you? What would you like to experience or accomplish before you exit this dimension? I’ve got good news for you. You are an immensely powerful creator. You can visualize and emotionalize. Two dynamic and divine ingredients necessary to craft and experience pretty much anything you desire.

One last note. As of this past December 21st, the first day of the winter solstice, we’ve moved into the Age of Aquarius. Our species is evolving and we’re becoming more powerful heart-centered beings. Our consciousness and awareness is heightened. Harmonize with the power around and through you. You need not be afraid. Step out. You’re not done yet. Make your mark. Go forth and always be grateful no matter what because everything has a purpose, including you.

Entry 31  Compassion

December 5, 2020

“If you want to be happy, practice compassion”. Dalai Lama

We are all familiar with this word compassion. Thankfully, it is alive and well in today’s world despite the turmoil and confusion we are all witness to. For the sake of this post, I chose to Google the definition. It read, “sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others”. Personally, I’m not sure I like the word pity so much. I prefer deep sympathy myself.

Since I semi-retired from my private practice several years ago, I’ve managed to keep my passion alive by doing my own thing in a different direction, like writing. Not unlike a lot of other authors who self-publish, it was never my dream to write a book, let alone two with two more in the embryo stage. It was more a result of wanting to share a message that was the result of personal experiences. One of those experiences was in fact the springboard to my going into private practice to begin with. I had experienced a life altering tragedy at a relatively early age and had to find my way through it. In doing so, I also found my strength and purpose and that was to help others from what I learned.

Over the eighteen years of my practice, I learned so much, and I continued to grow as a result of that learning. I wanted to not just help others with their challenges, but more importantly I wanted to bring an awareness to people about what they were as a spiritual being in human form. Not to mention the power they had to do and be what they wanted once they got the garbage out of the way. My compassion for their pain became my passion. Hence, my passion became my happiness.

After retiring from one-on-one contact in an office, I did for a time become content with sitting in my home office to write and continue my studies in ultimate reality but kept myself available for those who may search me out for service of any kind. I could never not help. These were far and few, or should I say too far and too few.

Something has been gnawing at me for a while causing a restlessness and even though I really didn’t think I wanted to open another office again, and I was still writing with frequent inspirational guidance, I still kept feeling a sense of incompleteness if you know what I mean. Somehow, I didn’t feel I was totally filling my purpose.

What to do with this conundrum? Well along came 2020 with Covid-19, social distancing and a whole new normal. Not to mention a boat load of fear and confusion. I found myself becoming a victim of mixed emotions like everyone else. Where was my happiness? My sense of purpose? I couldn’t help people even if I wanted to. At least not like I used to face to face. Do I just put my feet up and try to enjoy retirement the best I could and just read and write? Sounds good, but there was still that sliver of emptiness that I couldn’t shake.

In 2019 my wife helped me put on a live full day workshop. It was something I hadn’t done in years since my practice. It was on vision boarding and it was awesome. I love to teach and share and with her help I found that spark that wasn’t quite ready to die out yet. I knew I wanted to do more workshops to coordinate around the material in my books, but that possibility went by the wayside with the social restrictions. Everything was beginning to go virtual and to be honest, I wasn’t comfortable with that idea. Where was the personal touch?

She tried to convince me to reach out on Facebook live and although it was a good idea, for some reason I resisted that. Time to let go and let God I guess if my work isn’t done yet. There is something to be said for letting go even though the waiting can be painful.

Not too long ago I received an email from a company that connects all kinds of professional services with people in need of those services. The biggest selling point of this idea is that those in need are willing to hire services remotely as well as locally. Now I’m face to face with a decision to offer what I once did one-on-one, to get knee deep in someone’s personal challenge on a Zoom screen. Could this possibly work? Well, I filled out a profile and submitted it and they began to send me leads of people who were looking for help in all the areas I listed. I was blown away! So many people from all over the country reaching out for help in all areas of their lives. So many hurting people! I’m filled with compassion for them all. Guess what I’ll be doing.

If you want to be happy, practice compassion!

Entry 30  Seek Ye First, The Kingdom of God...

November 7, 2020

Matthew 6:33 in the New Testament of the Christian Bible reads in full; “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” It was a part of the Sermon on the Mount.

I was recently completing my morning meditation ritual when this verse, in part came to me. I’ve learned not to question these random inspirations, so I quickly jotted it down. For some reason I seem to recall hearing a faint voice afterwards. Just two words; blog post. This coming just days after my last blog entry which was the second entry in the month of October. It just so happened that I had metaphysically dissected another Bible verse in that blog and shared my interpretation for whatever it may have been worth.

Please understand that the main purpose of my blog is to bring awareness and empowerment to the readers relative to who they really are and the power they come into this incarnation with. As I eluded to before, I am a metaphysician who studies the depths of life and what we as spiritual beings perceive as reality. I teach universal law, focusing heavily upon the co-creation, or manifesting our desires using several universal principles that coordinate with the law of attraction.

Metaphysical Bible interpretation was a course I had to take in my doctoral program many years ago, and to be fair, until recently I’ve never ventured into these waters. I understand that it is a sticky area, and it is never my intention to rile up those who follow the word of the Bible verbatim. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and it isn’t my job to try to change them. The spectrum is wide enough for all.

It is my job however, and mission to help and guide those individuals who have been touched by the shift in consciousness worldwide and are ready for a deeper dive into reality. There is a global awakening happening whether we like it or not and people are looking to grow more spiritually from within. They need more choices to assess truth for their own sake. So, taking a closer look at one of the most read sacred texts and really examining what is being said is important now more than ever. It boils down to how to live our lives as a God particle.

We are all spiritual beings, conscious intelligence infused with the power of God, experiencing endless opportunities in a physical dimension reality to serve one another and grow as one. The Bible is supposed to direct us to know God, and to know God is to know ourselves. Opening up to the concepts of this truth is exhilarating and all consuming.

Being spiritual in nature, we came from a higher dimension of consciousness before we even got here, and in that transition, we’ve forgotten that origin and naturally adhere to the way it is in mass consciousness for our own survival. We take what is downloaded into us and for the most part, live without question, often falling off the path of righteousness through sheer ignorance of self.

Humanity has needed teachers and way-showers throughout its history. Self-realized masters and adepts that heard the word of God the loudest and were led to teach and guide the masses. Jesus the Christ was and is one of those we look to for guidance and growth through his teachings in our Bible and from our priests, pastors and ministers. What we fail to consider is a wider perspective of his teaching since he taught in allegories’.

One of the more well-known teachings of which there are numerous references is “the spirit of God is within you”. In other words, the essence of what is God or Father is your higher self which makes you that which created you. Did you ever take the time to really let that saturate your whole being? Therein lies the master key to your salvation on the spiritual level and your worldly success on the physical level.

We all want to experience all the blessings physical life. We want to be loved, happy, healthy, and enjoy financial abundance. Free from worry and anxiety, fear and heartache. These things and more we can have because we are both the cause and the effect. We are the creator and the creation. Yet, we perpetually go on wanting changes in our conditions, conditions we created, and more “stuff” to adorn our lives. Although this is natural and good, we’re missing just how to go about it. The road to succeeding in realizing your hearts desires as they come along is Seek ye first, the Kingdom of God… the Higher Self, and his righteousness…right thinking, and all these things will be added unto you…desires.

Start your journey getting to know and understand your relationship to God first. As I have already said, to know God is to know yourself. Then on to see now from a higher perspective the very laws of life that are always in play at your very command.

When you can reclaim your seat and become one with Source, there is nothing you can ever really need because you already have it. You just have to bring it in from its 4th dimensional home to your 3rd dimensional reality, by acknowledging that it is already yours and be stalwart in your belief of it. Immerse yourself and all your senses into this assumption, and it will solidify in your reality in its time by law.

So that’s what that particular Biblical quote equates to me. I’m not selling it to you, but maybe just think on it some because after all, you are a creator.

Entry 29  You Die in Your Sins

October 21, 2020

It has come to my attention recently from a good friend and faithful follower of my blog, that I should consider more frequent entries rather than the once a month routine that I’ve been doing. Well, for anyone that knows me, starting with my wife and children, they would be quick to tell you that I can be somewhat “regimented” in pretty much most of what I do. It takes me a while to let go, switch gears and try something new or different from my norm. So, I decided to listen to the guidance from my higher self this morning and here we are…the second blog post for October of this abnormal year of 2020.

I assume the title of this post grabbed you because it did me in the midst of my studies today. I was reading a lecture from my favorite modern-day mystic, Neville Goddard, given in 1952, just a year after I made my entrance in the physical realm.

It is of course a biblical verse. John 8:24 to be exact. I had to look it up since there was no reference to it in the lecture I was digesting. It’s real meaning differs from the biblical interpretation, which didn’t really surprise me. You see I’ve been a Metaphysician for over 30 years now, and again as those who know me will attest, I just see and understand the world and life differently.

To dissect this verse, you need to understand the meaning of “sin”. It’s really not as dark and gloomy as we’ve been led to believe. It simply means “missing the mark”. Not a sentence to a fiery hell, or a slap in the face of a loving God. It means simply not getting the best or most harmonious outcome from a life lesson or opportunity, based primarily on your thoughts and beliefs.

The whole verse, “you die in your sins…” is relative to ones inability to see or experience a desire of the heart. It’s about feeling failure to achieve something for yourself that you’ve seemingly “prayed” for and didn’t get.

The real reason one doesn’t get what they desire and pray for isn’t because God doesn’t want you to have it. No! It’s because you failed yourself. That’s right. Take it on the chin. You failed to totally embrace the feeling of already having, doing or being that which you really desire. You failed to allow yourself to become a vibrational match to the thing realized. You failed to realize that once you recognize a desire for something and imagine it, it’s already done. It’s yours already.

When you pray in supplication rather than gratitude, you are believing in the lack of the thing desired and that it is hopefully going to bestowed upon you by a power outside of yourself. You only plain missed the mark and therefore, unless you wake up to the fact that you are a spiritual being with the power and will of God within you, you will “die in your sins”.

The Universal Law of Assumption, which is an aspect of the Law of Attraction, is very clear. Assume that you already are or have what you desire and embrace the feeling as so with your imagination and it must solidify in your physical reality.

So many want to create change in their personal lives.  So many are burned out, frustrated and confused, now more so than any other time in history due to the radical changes in world society that have been thrust upon us without our consent. The only way to fight back is to get quiet, go within and listen to the guidance from your higher self for clarity and direction. Then feel the excitement from desire itself, because it's the real self (God) talking.

Entry 28  An Echo From Within

October 5, 2020
If life made you out of itself, which It most certainly did, and if you are an individual just a little different from all other individuals who ever lived, then Life not only created you as an independent being, It also implanted a unique something within you.  It will never be duplicated.  The spirit that accompanies you through your life is just a little different from the spirit of any other person--not different in that it is isolated, because all are rooted in one being, but different in that it is individual.  

Think of it this way:  There is a spirit in me and this spirit is God as His own son.  Whether or not I understand it, there is a real Me that forever exists in pure spirit.  I had nothing to do with this.  I merely awoke and discovered it.  I did not give it to myself, and I cannot withdraw myself from it.  I can only accept it.

Since you are an individual, you can either accept or reject your own spirit.  Of course, no one can take it away from you.  Somewhere along the line you will be compelled to accept it.  However, you can procrastinate, you can divert, you can sidestep or delay this divine event.

If you knew beyond question that this is true, your greatest search would be after your own spirit.  Well, you do know this.  Every desire you have for betterment in life is some echo from that deep within which forevermore proclaims, "Behold, I make all things new."

                                                 --from "This Thing Called You"

                                                          Ernest Holmes  1948

My daily morning routine consists of about a 40-60 minute meditation, followed by readings from a couple of daily devotionals before I do anything else that day.   A few days ago, the above was one of my readings and I felt that I had to include it in this months blog post.  I realize that it may be a bit deep for some, but truth often is.  It is important to me at this stage of my life to bring an awareness to mankind about not only who you really are, but just how powerful and magnificent your very being is.  We've all been apart of some pretty serious global changes and disruptions in our daily worlds and many are in a confused, lost and even scary state of mind.  Many are realizing how important it is to go within and touch our spirituality.  There is so much more of you that you can't see, but with desire and faith you can and will bring to light that part of you that has been asleep.  Once you see even a part of this, you'll realize that it's actually a good time to be alive!                                                              

Entry 27  Thank You For...

September 1, 2020

I think it’s fair to say that the vast majority of us grew up with, at the very least the basic morals and values which would have included the courtesy of saying “thank you” to anyone for giving us something or expressing a kindness toward us. In other words, GRATITUDE. In fact, most would find it downright rude if someone would neglect even a simple thank you for anything that is either done for us or given to us.

With this embedded moral, we almost unconsciously express thanks pretty much every day and really don’t give it much thought. It’s become almost a robotic response for most civilized beings. Notice however that this common courtesy is expressed after something has been done for our behalf. Rightfully so, however I would like to take this time to bring a more rounded view of gratitude itself and bring to your awareness the power of “thank you” before we receive.

GRATITUDE has much more depth than the shallow and almost rote response we give it. There is a higher concept of gratitude that we need to consciously learn to employ for our well-being. In my first book, Genesis 101, The Metaphysical Cosmology in the Process of Creation, I included Gratitude in the eight universal laws that were responsible for manifesting or co-creating something into your life.

A quick peek down the rabbit hole to reveal the truth of something we take so lightly may surprise you. Scripture has many references to “by their works, ye shall know them”. I believe that this truth applies most aptly to Gratitude. For gratitude expresses itself in works. In other words, the higher the concept of gratitude, the greater the works of the individual expressing that gratitude. The act of expressing gratitude is in truth the act of acknowledging (within yourself) the source of all your good…which is God. Also, it is impossible to express gratitude without expressing Love, as they are both components of God, and therefore, inseparable from God.

That being said, gratitude is really is a form of God activity or God expression. So, when we express gratitude, we are really the vehicles through which God pours Itself as Love or as Gratitude.

For the context of this brief discussion we will confine the subject of gratitude to its relationship to supply. What we want or what fulfills us in our daily lives. As a universal law gratitude is an extremely powerful tool. In fact, I remember reading about prayer, and it was said that should you not know much about how to pray or what to say, the most powerful prayer is simply, “thank you”. When Jesus talked about praying without ceasing, He actually meant to be in a state of thanksgiving or gratitude all the time.

I know that most people would say that this just isn’t feasible, given all the negative and disrupting people and circumstances that come our way every day. Let’s just come up for air here. For now, let us just start practicing this thing called gratitude for making improvements in your life. After a time, we will better understand its application in other areas of life. When I say this there are no limits. Whatever you really, really want to have, do or be. Before I go further you need to realize that everything is already created. That truth alone is enough to be thankful for. You’re not really starting from scratch. God had done the work. Your job is to acknowledge it.

Close your eyes and see what it is you desire. New job, loving relationship, perfect health, fat bank account. The list is endless as we are all different and have varied wants and desires. Don’t be shy, put it out there. God has created it all and you are a part of that creation, therefore you are already a part of that which you think you don’t have. See yourself doing being and having. Thank you for my perfect job opportunity. Thank you for my loving mate. Thank you for my total health. Thank you for the influx of cash in my bank account. All this in the face of seemingly the opposite of these affirmations. You must be thankful ahead of receiving, acknowledging that it is already yours and you are so grateful that you can feel the excitement. These are your “works”. As you think it, you create it.

Practicing being grateful for what you desire will lead you to be thankful for what you already know that you have. Even if your life isn’t what you’d consider ideal by many standards you will find something to be thankful for even if it’s just the air you breath or whatever food you have for nourishment. It’s really not that hard to find something that you’re thankful for. Small things lead to bigger things.

Being grateful for experiencing a desire just mentally and emotionally accelerates the actual physical experience toward you. Creating by intention in this way is so divinely satisfying.

Now the elephant in the room. What about being thankful and expressing gratitude for the “not so good” things in your life. I’m sure some may agree that there is more of that than good. By going in this direction, it forces one into what I call introspection. Here, by being grateful you seek the lesson that is in front of you and you’ll become aware of your growth as a result of it. Now the God within you pours itself out as both Love and Gratitude.

Thank you for…

Entry 26   The Choice of Peace

August 4, 2020
God gave me life 69 years ago today.  I have a gift for you in return.

Australian  psychiatrist Victor Frankl  was quoted as saying, "Between stimulus and response there is a space.  In that space is our power to choose our response.  In our response lies our growth and our freedom".   It's now been six months since our world has been turned upside down and everywhere you look it doesn't appear to be getting a whole lot better.  There is so much fear out there that we're becoming blind to the light that still shines.  Our faces are covered and we can't see smiles anymore.  There is anger, frustration, depression and a whole lot of confusion under those ugly masks that are doing us more harm than good.  If this sounds a little like you, I'm telling you now that there is a way out of this black hole.  We weren't meant to live like this. 

I admit that at first I was one of the angry ones when this whole situation started and conforming to new "rules and regulations' isn't my strong suit.  It was getting to me to the point that was inconsistent with my nature.  I really know better but sometimes the doctor is his own worst patient.   In this process there was only one place to start.  I was going to choose to take my peace back because I was giving it away.  So, to help myself and humanity this is what I've chosen.

Peace resides in the human heart. Inner peace creates outer peace in your relationships and in the effect that you have upon the global consciousness.

Peace is a choice. It respects your boundaries and it respects the boundaries of others. When you set your boundaries and stop others from intruding into your space, when you respect other people's boundaries and do not intrude into their personal space, then it is possible to move on to the next step, a state of mutual cooperation. Mutual cooperation means that you support each other in ways that come from your heart. You help people because you love the spirit within them. Their outer personality is not the important focus here; it is their inner light, their inner spirit that you can always love, regardless of their outward actions. This, then, is the foundation for unconditional love.

The best model for unconditional love is right above you in the daytime sky. The Sun shines on everyone alike, without any judgment. It is a blazing symbol of the Creator's bounty and a constant guarantee of the energy you need for the experience of life.

When faced with each choice between love and fear, focus on your heart as the source of uplifting love and inspiration.  Our mere survival during this tumultuous time depends upon us turning away from the dark negative of our outside world and step into that inner sanctuary and still space.  Close your eyes and let your very breath take you to the peace of all understanding.  If you cultivate it, it will grow and you will become it.  By becoming it, others will feed from you.   Choose peace.

Entry 25  Let Go and Let God

July 1, 2020

I thought I'd take the opportunity this month to announce that my latest book,  "The God Particle", is due out hopefully sometime this month.  The latest update from my publisher is that it's being prepared at the printers and should be live and available soon.  I'm very excited as it's been kind of a long road since I submitted my manuscript back in March.  Unfortunately, it got caught up in our global  pandemic as the publishing company, like the majority of businesses  was forced to work with a skeleton crew which slowed down the process all the way around.  All in all though for anyone thinking about writing and working with a self-publishing firm, Stratton Press is aces from top to bottom.  Very caring and professional people.  They made me feel that both me, and my book were special.

I must also say that I found it particularly synchronous that I ended up going through this submission process during a time when there was so much uncertainty and fear in our world.  Of course I questioned my timing and even had doubts that it may never end up getting published at all.  Then it dawned on me that I had the same doubts about how I was even going to write the book in the first place, despite the fact that I was inspired to write it shortly after my first book came out four years prior.  I knew what the title of the book was supposed to be and even knew what the primary color of the cover was supposed to be, but how I was going to put it together, I hadn't a clue.

The lesson is that I wrote this book, my personal story of my relationship to God totally trusting that I'd be guided on what to say, how to say it and when it had to be written.  I had never allowed myself to be guided quite like that before, but I must say it was quite an awakening.  So, once I stopped and realized that, I just decided to continue to let go and let God take it the rest of the way which obviously included the publishing part, no matter how long it was to take.  I recalled hearing a wise saying many years ago; "you can't make a flower open before its time".    It gave me a whole new perspective on the old saying "let go and let God".

When we can come to a point in our lives when we understand that we are a part of a greater whole that has our best interest in mind, and there is no such thing as failing or making a wrong move, suddenly you become so much more at ease.  It is what it is, and it's all good.  Somehow, putting your trust in something you can't see, touch or control is quite liberating.  It kind of reminds me of the day that the training wheels came off of my bike and my dad finally let go after running behind me.  Suddenly balancing just happened.  Now, it's a natural thing and you can't unlearn it.  Give it a shot.  Let go and see where life takes you.

Entry 24  A Bright Tomorrow

June 2, 2020

Every morning, usually quite early, I start my day with a sitting meditation that may last anywhere from three quarters of an hour to an hour.  Then, I have a few minutes of inspirational reading from 3 sources I've been using for some time.  This morning prior to meditation I was aware that I needed to make this blog entry.  One of my readings was a short article by Rev. Dr. Arthur Chang.  It starts out; "A bright tomorrow awaits our today.  Secretly packaged in this day is a clean sheet of possibilities to spread across a wide swath of time, enchanting the landscape of our minds.  Wisely, we the mavericks, will choose and create what this new dawning reveals.  Yet to realize the deeper meaning of our lives, our soul's inmost wish is to free us from this slumbering, grey neutrality and release a world of glorious forms and colors, making life miraculous".

Obviously, I was inspired to share this here because I really didn't know where I wanted to go with this months entry.  It's also obvious that everyone on the planet spends so much time focusing on the world crisis we all share in right now and outlooks can tend to be bleak to say the least. 

It's important for me to emphasize that we must curb all the negative input and start focusing on our lives and dreams.  We're all such powerful creators that we sometimes don't realize that what we focus on expands.  The Universe doesn't care what you want to bring into your life, it just responds to the vibration you are sending out and that correlates directly with what you are letting in.  It's a double edged sword.  It can be good or not so good.

Let's face it.  We are seeing the beginnings of a new "normal".  I know that may seem scary because of so much unknown, but we have to realize that the world has gone through thousands of changes since it's inception and thousands more since man has stepped in to the mix.  We are seeing the results of a collective consciousness over time.  With the awareness of our individual power of co-creation, we can contribute to better, more peaceful times by simply focusing on our individual dreams and desires.  I know that we all want pretty much the same thing, peace, love and whatever success means to you.

It doesn't have to be that hard.  Use your wonderful God given imagination and create your "happy place" with all the trimmings.  See it, feel it and accept it.  Let that be your bright tomorrow.  Water it daily and watch it grow.  Do your part and contribute to a better collective consciousness by simply embracing the best you can see for yourself and your family.  Change happens one person at a time.  Be the change.

Entry 23  So, Now What?

May 1, 2020

I recently recalled a silly saying from my early childhood that was both a question and a statement. It went something like this; Did February March? No, but April May!  Now for the life of me I cannot tell you if and when I first heard that, or even if I made it up, but it doesn’t matter. The fact is that April this year in particular didn’t seem to “March” at all. Outside of the obvious, the 31st looked and felt much like the 1st with all of us being in a perpetual limbo. There was certainly nothing outstanding in my world being as confined as I found myself.

So, now what?  Here we are, another new month and still facing the uncertainties of our future. There are so many of us being held captive by our fears of the great unknown. We are relying on sources outside of us to feed us information and tell us which way to go or even if we can go. Theories and speculations abound.  Heaven knows I have mine, and if I were to express them here, I would only be adding fuel to the fire. Besides, it’s not the agenda of this post.

The agenda is to offer constructive options for your empowerment and well-being. I will put this question to you. How are you really feeling at this point of 2020?  Typically, on January 1st, we look to the New Year to bring us hope and promise for something better than the previous year. We’re now a full 4 months into it and starting the 5th. I know a few folks that would love to start a 5th of something else right about now if you know what I mean.  And, those same people would say to me, well, it is a “solution”!  Well, yeah, technically it is but, no! It’s not.

There are many “solutions” to your salvation in this current difficult and strangely foreign global condition we find ourselves in.  Fortunately, the human species is amazingly creative and as the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.  We all seem to have an innate need to be occupied with something all the time to keep our brains active.  We can’t just sit quietly and do nothing. We need stimulation and human interaction for healthy survival.  Although those of you with a house full of kids probably have more of that than you’d like right about now.  God bless you and you have my respect.

At this point, speculation aside, none of us really knows just how long we will be having to deal with this global restructure that is being forced upon us. One thing for sure though, no matter what you choose to occupy yourself with in the neutral zone we’re in, you do need peace of mind first and foremost.  I’ve always found that cultivating a “slice” of peace first thing in the morning was always the best platform to step into my world from.  I am able to greet the world on my terms and mindset rather than being subjected to the turmoil around me, before my first cup of coffee.

Now more than ever with fear running amuck, it would be wise to initiate the start of your day in the quiet repose of your inner sanctuary, if only for 10 or 15 minutes.  To be still and connect with your source, whatever you feel that is.  Let that energy envelop you.  Listen as it allows you to deposit your fears and encourages you to trust that you and yours are loved and protected from whatever demons may come knocking.

Learn stillness of body.  Move not.  Learn stillness of heart.  Let not the lake of peace be ruffled by violent emotion.  Learn stillness of mind, as peace will not come while you move with mental restlessness.

None of us have experienced anything like this before and it is scary for sure. Going within is not only a powerful defense, but an equally powerful offense to visualize a peaceful and healthy future on the other end of all this.  Above all, “May” your month be peaceful.

Entry 22  It's No Joke

April 1, 2020

Ernest Holmes once wrote, "The Universe is one and never two.  It refuses to operate against itself.  It's foolproof". 

As children, we looked upon this day for fun and creative pranks we could play on our friends and other family members.  Even as adults some still can't pass up an opportunity to inflict a zinger of some kind on an unsuspecting victim.  After all, a laugh has always been good for the soul.

With our current "reality" being what it seems to be, and if you're like me, you may have felt at times that you were living in an April Fool's joke.  You may have even asked yourself, "is this my life?"

For those who know me, through the work I've done in private practice, the talks I've given or any of my writings, you know that I fully own and believe that I am a spiritual being who is having a human experience.  And, that I am an infinite being.  For those that don't well, now you do.

What is happening to humanity?  What does all this mean?  Are we going to survive this?  And if so, will it ever go back to normal?  The questions are just flooding our consciousness.

Well, I could give you my perspective on these questions based on my understanding and from a metaphysical point of view, but this short post won't allow for that kind of space, however I will share this.  There definitely will be a new normal on a global scale.  This is not a "Doomsday" prediction, but rather a re-awakening of mankind on this planet.  It's all good.

Nothing is at it seems, and for most people it's much more complex than we can even digest.  We've now all been witness to the fact that we can control only so much in our lives.  Right now the whole world is practically at a standstill.  Not since the great flood in Biblical times has humanity experienced as a collective, anything of such magnitude.  Even both of our world wars left some parts of the planet and civilization untouched.  But not so for this current crisis.

So, what can you control?  Yourself!  First and foremost, fear not.  Settle in and really take in all you're about to experience during the month of April 2020.  It will be like no other April you've ever lived through.  Don't resist it.  Don't complain about it.

Instead, realize that the world has slowed down for a reason.  For us, the inhabitants.  Many of us have more time on our hands now.  Most of our distractions have been shut down temporarily at least, and the noise level is down.  We must STOP!  (S)tillnes (T)empers (O)ur (P)erception.  Stop and go within.  Go into your silence.  Re-access your life, your purpose, your dreams and desires.  Touch nature, listen, re-connect to your Source.  Know that you are divine and totally loved unconditionally.  Re-establish trust and faith and know all is being handled.  Most importantly, cultivate your inner peace.

I will leave you with the one Universal truth I gave you two months ago.  If you don't go within, you will go without!  That is foolproof.

Entry 21  March Forth

March 4, 2020

Hello everyone.  I noticed today's date and thought, I can do something with that.  Here's what I was inspired to write.

For those that feel that they are besieged with trials and challenges that give way to stress, which gives way to anxiety, and ultimately to depression, take heed.  When we were born into this physical space and time there was no guarantee that it would be a cakewalk.  We came here with a pre-planned agenda for our spiritual growth, but we have no real conscious memory of it.  I will expand on that concept in another article.

Our main focus is to experience life.  Life in all its forms and textures.  Our human emotions alone provide a plethora of possibilities. Love, joy, excitement, happiness and fulfillment to name just a few on the plus side.  Sadness, loneliness, anger, frustration and more on the downside. We can be any of these and more at anytime because, life can get complicated and crazy very quickly.  It is unpredictable at the very least because of our varied perceptions of incoming stimuli. No matter what platform you chose to come into this life on, be it wholesome and loving or turbulent and isolated but, if you have a functioning brain, you have more control than you're giving yourself credit for.

Over the years in private practice, many clients sought relief from anxiety.  Although anxiety is real to anyone who suffers from it, it really is an overload of wrong thinking.  With enough of it and not understanding how to neutralize it, we feel depressed and immobile.  Nothing is fun anymore.

After working with them and releasing root causes, I would teach them a technique that was self-applicable, that they could use themselves whenever they felt anxious.  As powerful as this is, I also guided them to begin a meditation practice.  A daily ritual of only a few minutes to stimulate a center of inner peace.  I preached that if you can give yourself an atmosphere of peace before you wandered out into your daily world, you would be better prepared to respond to your outside stimuli rather than reacting to it.  That equals less accumulated stress.  Of course this works best with consistent daily practice.  It needn't be complicated and laborious.  Start out short and simple.

Life can be rich and exciting, or dull and boring.  We signed up to be here so which option sounds better to you?   Which ever area you find yourself in now, you can gain much more control over your life with a center of inner peace.

So, march forth stout warrior on your chosen pathway.  Enjoy life and choose peace.  If you start from there, the benefits will surprise you.


Entry 20  If You Don't go Within, You'll go Without

February 10, 2020

The title of this blog was a quote I read many years ago.  To be honest, with the volumes of books and material I've read and studied over the years, I don't actually remember who it was that said it.  All I do know is that it was profound then and it speaks of a powerful truth more than ever in my life now.

To go within requires you to carve out some time and close off distractions, sit in the silence and bring into metal focus that which you are seeking answers or guidance to.

  The hard part is that many of us are too busy being busy to bother, but we all are looking for some kind of answer or direction at some point or another to improve a piece of our life. We seem to always start looking to outside sources for help, and although there is value there to be had, the truth is that we'll end up being more confused with the opinions of others.  We're missing the mark by not going within as you already have the answer you're looking for.

Let's just look at one example from a question I have gotten on more than one occasion in my coaching practice.  "How do I discover my passion or purpose"?  The only thing I can say to them is that they have to go within to find it.  I certainly don't know what it is, but I can help them reveal it.  I give them the following exercise.

Here’s the condensed version…

Go Within And Discover your Passion or Purpose

If you don’t have a clearly defined goal or even a hint concerning what you would like to accomplish, take 10-15 minutes a day to get by yourself, away from any distractions and quiet your mind. Search within and really dig for any hint of what might inspire you to take action toward a task, goal, or passion that your little inner voice has been prodding you to do. If nothing comes to mind ask yourself these questions and be completely honest with yourself.

1. What are you afraid of admitting?

2. What is it that you love about yourself?

3. What passion, desire, interest do you keep buried or hidden?

4. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

5. What would you do if you were financially secure and money were not a concern?

6. What would you look back on and regret not having done if you were dying?

Have you come up with a few possibilities?

Is it something that you feel truly passionate about?

Great Let’s Move On….

Allow Yourself To Be There

Allow yourself a few minutes to ponder on what it would be like to actually be experiencing whatever it is that you came up with. Really let yourself go and allow yourself to see the end result of your endeavor. Allow yourself to feel what it will feel like, see what it will look like, and hear what it will sound like to reach that place.

Be Thankful For Receiving It

Are your emotions stirred? Great, that’s exactly where you want to be. Now thank God, or your Higher Power, the Universe, or whatever you perceive it to be, for receiving what you envisioned. Express sincere gratitude for attaining whatever your desire is.

Take Baby Steps

Now, it’s time to take action as thoughts, emotions, feelings and situations arise that are in alignment with what it is that you are working toward. When they arise, take some form of action as they arise or as soon as you possibly can. Avoid putting off till tomorrow what can be done right now. Skip a TV show if you have to. Replace the normal time you spend absorbing the negativity of the front page news with working toward your desire. Make time each day and begin to take baby steps toward realizing your dream.

Be Persistent

Make it a habit to do some small thing each day that will contribute to accomplishing your desired outcome, regardless of how petty it may seem. Allow as much time as possible to accomplish as much as possible, but do something to bring you one step closer. Do it every day. Every day!

Be Kind To Yourself

If for whatever reason you do miss a day, don’t beat yourself up. Forgive yourself and get back on track. Tomorrow’s gone and today is another opportunity to move one step closer. Be here now. Forget about yesterday and don’t worry about tomorrow. Do something right now!

There you have it. Make the above steps a daily part of your routine and you will be moving in the direction of fulfilling your desires, whatever they might be.

Develop the discipline to do something each day, regardless of how petty it may seem. Take the time to experience the outcome. Be thankful for the outcome. Take one small step every day. Be persistent. Be kind to yourself. Develop a prosperity mindset.

Your dreams, desires and passions are attainable and are waiting for you to discover them.

Begin it now. Don’t allow the meaningless and petty things in life to keep you from unveiling, discovering and enjoying the important things. Let go of what happened yesterday and stop worrying about what might happen in the future. Tomorrow will be here sooner than you think. Do something now that will allow you to experience and enjoy it.

Don’t allow yourself to fall into the mindset of the majority waiting and thinking that you might be the 1 in 50,000,000 that hit’s the big lottery. Don’t wait for the day that you “feel a little more like it” or “when the kids are a little older” or “when the weather gets a little nicer.”

Develop the mindset that you can, and do it Right Now!


Entry 19  This You in the Mirror

January 17, 2020

Happy New Year everyone!  I don't know about you, but thinking back to when I was just a young school boy thinking about the future, no way did I ever go out as far as 2020!  It just seems crazy how quickly life can fly by us.  Of course I also found out that the older you get, the quicker time moves.  Add retirement into the mix and not even realizing what day it is can really put a different perspective on life in general.  Having time to really ponder about life, what you've done, where you came from, to where and what you are now is like reading your own autobiography.  I'm sure most people would have quite a story should they endeavor to write about it.

Actually, I started writing my second book just before the end of this last year.  It's a book I was inspired to write just after my first book was published the end of 2016.  The new book is titled "The God Particle", and it's about my personal journey to know God.  I knew at the onset what I wanted to write about, but I had no idea just how I was going to introduce the subject matter itself.  I trusted that inspiration would show up when it was time. 

Well, show up it did, and I started writing.  As I was writing it unfolded my personal story from childhood to current.  Albeit, the Reader's Digest version, but there I am, being transparent with all who will read it.  Although I'm not yet finished with the manuscript, I got to reflect on what I did write in the first 11 chapters, the where I came from and what I've done part of the story.  It reminded me of what I used to say in autographing any of my first books that I sold at book signings or gave away to friends and family; "You are so much more than the image that bounces back from the mirror". 

The contents of my next book will certainly expand on that concept.  In essence, that is what I want to convey to you here as you stand on the first few weeks of a new year.  Take a good look at that person in your mirror.  Do you really know you?  You are really worth that investment of time because you are awesome! 

Entry 18  The Gift of Self

December 12, 2019
Once again it is the season of gift giving.  It is the season to recognize and acknowledge all those who you not only love, but are meaningful in your life.  Just stop and think about all those who you are planning to or would like to acknowledge with a gift of some kind.  Mother, father, wife, husband, children perhaps?  Maybe sister, or brother, girlfriend or boyfriend, co-worker or just your best friend?  The list can be long or short depending on the extent of either your love or your wallet.

Now think again.  Did you forget anyone?  Maybe the one person you should love the most?  How about yourself?  Selfish, you say?  No, not really.  Try selfless, because you can't really love anyone unless you first love yourself.  Don't you suppose you deserve the first gift? 

I'm not necessarily talking about something material that you can go out and get anytime.  I'm talking about the gift that costs no money and yet is invaluable.  The gift of SELF.  This means giving yourself the permission to imagine that you are already the best version of who you really want to be and what you really want to experience or express. 

How would you feel if, using your wonderful imagination, this were so?  Despite the seeming reality of what your present senses are telling you.  Be honest and step beyond if only for a minute or two.  Give yourself that gift and touch that feeling.  Emotionalize with that feeling!

Now, do you know what you just did?  You leveled the ground and poured the footings to a new reality in the 4th dimension.  This is very real and very powerful stuff.  With a little more effort and a good measure of belief, this will solidify and you will walk into a new beginning.  It is law. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. 

Entry 17  Quiet Mind

November 15, 2019

I recently had a client share with me on how hard it is for her to quiet her mind for a few minutes a day that I had asked her to do.  In the process of deliberate creation it is imperative to be able to focus and visualize on that which you intend to bring into your life.  When an idea or a desire pops into your conscious awareness and you think about it, even for a short while, the etheric version of it has already been created. Whether or not the solidified version of that comes into your 3D reality or not depends on a couple of factors.  The first being the belief you have in having, doing or being it in the first place and your ability to focus and see yourself already in possession of it.  This requires at least a few minutes a day to both visualize and emotionalize with this idea or dream.  One needs to get in touch with their feelings and their higher self for both confirmation and guidance.  The only place you're going to hear it is in a quiet space.  A mental sanctuary if you will.

Call it meditation or prayer, it doesn't really matter.  The fact remains that you need to train your conscious mind to take a break, even if it's for 10 minutes a day so that you can fertilize the seeds of your idea with focus attention and emotion.  I understand it isn't easy for some folks to just shut it off, because I'm one of those who struggled with the monkey mind.  The fact is that the conscious mind can be trained.  The neropathways can be rewired with practice.  Much like training a dog to "go on the paper" if you will.  Keep bring it back to the paper.  You keep bringing your mind back to your breathing.  Focusing on your breath, and feeling your heart beat.  That's why meditation is called a practice.  Eventually, the body/mind understands that when you sit in this space with the intention to connect with the Divine, you do just let go and outside stimuli minimizes and eventually dissipates.  Then you've set the stage to bring in the visual imagery of your dream or goal and feel yourself emotionalize with it as already realized.

There was a Native American story that fits this idea.  A young brave was troubled and struggling with his inability to do what he knew he needed to do as a young brave and test himself with new lessons that were being taught.  He went to the chief for counsel on this matter.  The chief told him that inside of him were both a bear and an eagle who were in conflict.  The bear wanted to hibernate and the eagle wanted to soar.  He asked the chief which one would win.  The chief told him, "the one you feed".

If you want what you want bad enough, you'll do what you have to do to bring it to you.  Feed your eagle!

Entry 16  Pushing Through

October 16, 2019

I love to walk.  Since I'm a fair weather walker, and the summer has slipped away, and we're into our fall season, I know my walking outdoors will be curtailed.  I live in a village within a small township about 10 miles south of Rochester, NY.  My trek took me outside the village into the countryside of the town just west of my town. Quiet country roads with lush greenery and cornfields.  It was a beautiful way to start my day.  As I reflect further into my 19 plus weeks of daily walks that covered over 5 miles a day, I remember seeing something that really inspired me.

I was walking in the road, as there are no sidewalks in this area, heading down to a dead end cul-de-sac, which was my half way point.  I try to take in everything of the vista before me including the sounds of nature.  I happened to look down onto the road itself, a blacktopped surface and there it was.  A small green sprig of what may be a weed or flower, actually erupting through the thick blacktop.  I've certainly seen this before, as I'm sure you have as well, but this day I just had to stop.  For some reason it totally amazed me.  How is it that this delicate little blossom could literally push through this seemingly impenetrable surface?  

It was life, seeking fulfillment by nourishment from the elements of creation itself.  It's will to become was more powerful than the obstacle before it.  What an amazing lesson I received from Mother Nature this fine morning.  The ability to become who you are despite what your sense reality is showing you.  That little blossom didn't see the thick blacktop.  It saw only life on the other side and pushed through to grasp it.  Yet here we are, these big strong, smart human beings who think we're so superior, but at the same time fail in our ability to change our lives for the better and claim our hearts desires, because our senses tell us that for whatever reason, it's just not possible.  

This day only verified for me that the concepts I teach others about realizing their dreams and desires by focusing only on the end results is absolutely true.  Denying our senses is not easy.  It's the way we've been hardwired, as senses tell us only what is, not what could be.  Sometimes you have to color outside the lines.  It can create a whole different picture.  That my friend, is your wonderful imagination, coupled with faith.  Remember this, "possibility" lies within the word "impossibility".  God, (creation) lies within you.   Push through!



Entry 15  Peace Be With You

September 8, 2019

Someone told me once that I'm always reaching for more.  She said that I should always be happy with what I had.  It weighed heavy on me for years, probably more subjectively than consciously.  Then I discovered metaphysics.  Something in me came alive as I peered into this seemingly bottomless pit of possibilities and new truths to my awareness.  My soul danced with joy because it knew, even if I didn't, that the more I reached, the more God expanded within me.

What are we collectively dreaming of or yearning for?  A day without the media streams of corrupt politicians and fighting somewhere in the world?  Maybe a day without another storm, tsunami, hurricane or tornado?  Domestic violence?  Children living in poverty?  Cancer?

The great teacher Jesus said that the poor will always be with us.  There will always be wars or rumors of war.  But, he says that his peace will be with us too.  We can dream of a world we desire, or we can continue to hold the vision of our present world.  Together we can see the vision and live our world to a better place.  

When we dream of things and ask why not, we are allowing the divine urges within each of us to soar.  Our dreams are our divine urges, and we are responsible for putting legs under them.  We make changes to the world at large by first creating those changes within ourselves.  Don't be fooled by what your mere senses show you.  Instead, be the change.  We will never get peace or happiness from life.  Rather we must bring them to life.   Peace be with you.  

Entry 14   Perspective

August 5, 2019

Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned 68 by most standards.  So, let's say 5 months from now, someone asks me how old I am.  What would I tell them?  68 or in my 69th year?  Trick question?  Not really, at least from my perspective.  My wife laughs every time I bring this up.  I really don't think she believes my philosophy on this.  I contend that when one is "born" until their 1st birthday, they have lived 1 year.  Does that sound right?  Now we say they are 1 year old.  They have completed 1 year of physical life.  The day after their birthday they have entered into their 2nd year of breathing air.  Technically they are no longer 1 but we tell everyone for that whole year that the child is 1 year old.  Semantics you say?  Perhaps, but just reflect on what we have held onto for ages.  There is no real wrong or right here because after you tell someone your age, whatever it may be, they'll probably forget an hour later anyway.  

When you think about it, most folks see a lot of things differently than we do.  I guess that's what diversity is all about.  If someones view on something makes them comfortable, who are we to tell them that they are wrong?  We should simply smile and move on, leaving them to what they believe at that moment.  Who knows, they may very well change their perspective at some juncture down the road.  Life has a funny way of giving us opportunities to shift gears on a belief system that has seen better days.  

The challenge I've had working with people who come to me to initiate some kind of change in their lives, is first meeting them in a neutral zone of where they are with their beliefs.  Beliefs are precious and they've served us sometimes from the time we were old enough to understand the language we were brought up in.  Some beliefs are sewn into the fabric of their family values.  I have to respect that and carefully and lovingly show them how it no longer serves them based on where they intend to go.  Then introduce new ideas and concepts that better synchronize with their intention for an outcome in their favor.  Before long they will have adopted a new belief they can hold onto for as long as they choose to.  

For the most part we find it difficult to accept change, especially if it's thrust upon us.  That can happen because we've failed to heed the signs that have shown up telling us that we need to yield, or move or stop.  If you listen as you go along on your life path you will encounter times where you recognize that a change is needed.  Take your time, and before you consult your family, friends or co-workers, consult with your emotional guidance system. Look at the possibilities first from your old perspective, then from the new one.  Now feel.  What does your heart say?  If you choose the new one and you need help, trust it will show up from the right source for you.


Entry 13  Awaken to a New Beginning

July 9, 2019

I believe it is my life's purpose to help individuals understand their behaviors that detrimentally affect their day to day living. As we worked together, it led us to identify and release a variety of negative emotions, anxieties and low self esteem issues.  I discovered that many of my clients had no idea that they could have, do or be anything they desired. In fact, it was their birth right and their divine right to claim it without any doubt or fear.  This was their new beginning. 

I understood over time that the biggest issue was a lack of awareness of who they really are and the power they have over what they allow in their lives.  Yes, life can definitely be hard, and even cruel at times.  Once they understood the bigger picture which presented a fresher perspective of the reason behind what they were experiencing, things became easier to grasp.  It was never my job to change someone's belief system, but instead to offer concepts that gave them options to change their own beliefs relative to how life works, and what their responsibilities were, if they so chose.

The main theme with every one of my clients was pretty much the same thing.  Everyone wanted love, good health, rewarding jobs and a good measure of financial freedom.  However, the questions always remained as to how to experience that and why does it seem so elusive?

Several years ago, this term called the Law of Attraction was making it's debut in books and movies everywhere.  People became excited with the possibility that they could think themselves into their hearts desires.  Unfortunately, many were not having the success they thought they should be having after reading all those books and watching the movie, "The Secret".  Truthfully, many ended up calling the Law of Attraction, HOGWASH.

The reason for this is that many of the books and the movie left out important and life changing information about the roadblocks they would encounter on the road to manifest change.  Nor did they mention any ways to neutralize their roadblocks.  

This was the missing piece of "The Secret".  I knew immediately what was wrong and how they could fill in this missing formula with options and methods to eradicate emotional and mental issues that contradicted the image of themselves that they wanted.  Creating what you want is a process, but you must be a clear vessel for the best and quickest results.

Seeing as you are reading this from my blog, you are already at a stage of your evolution that is stretching and seeking the "moreness" to your life and are hungry for answers.  I used to tell my clients that we mostly walk through life with blinders on, giving us a very narrow and limited view of reality.  My job was to pull those blinders off and give them more of a peripheral  view of what life can be.  Changing one's perception of their life is a daunting task, but this change always led to big "ah-ha" moments.  Every human knows a higher level of truth instinctively.  When a truth is presented, all of a sudden clarity sets in and a new way of thinking or remembering occurs.  This is life changing and thrilling!  Just imagine the possibility of someone taking you by the hand to re-introduce you to yourself from a higher perspective.

Entry 12  We Are What We Believe (Part 2)

June 19, 2019

The Law of Belief states that what we believe (with feeling, commitment and intention) will become our living reality.  It also is a Universal Law which can either help you achieve success, or keep you from achieving it, depending upon whether you live in accordance with the law.  You see, the simple fact is that if there is something that you want to attract into your life and it is even slightly inconsistent with your belief system, you are going to slow down the energy force that brings it to you or you may neutralize it entirely.

With these universal laws you can focus on something you desire so much but if there is a deeply rooted feeling that you don't deserve it, well, guess what?  If you don't think you're good enough, then so does the universal energy.

Remember this important point.  Your thoughts are determined largely by the quality of your beliefs, which in turn form your perceptions.  So, if you've come to a point in your life where you're determined to make changes for the better and you've been led to study and practice the law of attraction, just know that the law reflects your mindset.  It's like a magnet in a sense and things are metal filings.  It doesn't care what you want or where you point it.  It starts to attract, first in the ethereal field, then eventually in the physical field. 

Good or positive thoughts equal good results.  Bad or negative thoughts equal not so good results.  Be mindful about your thoughts and when thinking about what you want to bring to you, be one with it right down to the core.

Once you think a thought, you've already given birth to it on one level.  It can only survive and thrive if you believe in it, are enthused and excited about owning it, and are grateful for it's result before it's in your reality space. You have heard the doubters and naysayers out there proclaim, "I'll believe it when I see it"!  But, it is the other way around, it is not until you believe it that you will see it, (no matter what "it" is).

Deliberate co-creation is like baking a cake.  Each recipe has specific ingredients.  You may very well be able to bake a cake leaving out an ingredient or two, but it may not rise right, or it may be too dry, or just take like, well, not very good.  Living a life of harmony, bliss and plenty is no different.  We need to understand and utilize the "ingredients" that are directing what we attract to us.  The problem is that the older we are, the harder it is to accept and practice the guidelines of Universal Law.  Old habits and belies die hard.  If we had become familiar with these principles from the get go, along with math and spelling, it would be nothing at all to fully realize our dreams.

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Entry 11  We Are What We Believe (Part 1)

June 2, 2019

You want to manifest, so you look at the Law of Attraction.  Then you want to make changes in your life, some major and some minor, but ALL significant.  We all want good health, a loving relationship, financial stability or just the ability to be in a place of peace and harmony.  Everyone on the planet, no matter from what country or stature, would agree with this.  It's just the natural desire of "being" human.

Many have spent countless hours, days, months and even years searching and researching ways to bring these desires into their life, and are now finally grasping that the Law of Attraction is responsible for what you have or what you don't have.  After all, the Law of Attraction says that whatever we place or dominant thoughts on with enthusiasm, will be attracted to us, right?  Well, yes...thoughts do become things.

One of the most important ingredients in manifesting is how we think.  This puts us in the drivers seat to design the life that we have been dreaming about.  It certainly seems easy enough.  So, why haven't we learned about this concept back in school?  It would have made life so much easier up to this point.  To answer the age old question, "Is this all there is to my life"?, we must begin to realize that co-creation takes a little work on our part.  It's important to note that first, this law is a Universal that has been in existence since the very beginning of time.  It's always working, whether you know it or not, and whether you believe it or not.

You create a life in one of two distinct ways; either by intention, or by default.  Take an assessment of your life for a moment.  Look around at what you have and what's going on in your life.  From the house you live in to the car you drive, to the work you do for a living and to the relationships that you're involved in.  Don't forget your current state of health or your bank account.  Really look at them and determine if you are an active participant in bringing any of them into what you call reality, or they just kind of happened.  To be objective you must take ownership.  It's certainly easy to say, "I worked for that", but often, when bad stuff happens, we don't like to blame ourselves for bringing it into our lives.  It's so much easier to blame outside circumstances or people, isn't it?

Here is the honest truth that we need  to be reminded of often; we attract everything, either consciously or unconsciously.  Now stop and ask yourself how many times you thought, "why would I want something bad to happen"?  Consciously it doesn't make any sense that we would purposely bring something bad into our world.  In fact it's been my experience that while helping people overcome adversities, I had to tip-toe into this area for fear that someone would get downright upset at my suggestion that they brought it on themselves!  Victim mentality has been the downfall of many and the reason why people get stuck in their misery.

Surprisingly, you should know that there are other Universal Laws in play designed to harmonize with the Law of Attraction.  As I explain in detail in my book, Genesis 101, The Metaphysical Cosmology in the Process of Creation, the whole idea of transformation and co-creation depends on harmonizing with many Universal Laws that dovetail one another to produce a particular result.  Looking back to the definition of the Law of Attraction, I left something out intentionally, to introduce this law.  Maybe you caught it?  Whatever we place our dominant thought on with enthusiasm and belief, we attract into our lives.  Enter the Universal Law of Belief.

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Entry 10  The Gift

May 3, 2019

The great Sufi mystic Rumi once said, “You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life”?

We all have many gifts, extraordinary gifts. Gifts of perception, insight, and creativity. Gifts of preferences, leanings, and inclinations.

But there is one, just one, that while often overlooked is the most sublime and profound of all, availing you of wonders beyond wonder, and the power to wonder some more.

It is, of course, to think. To choose a focus. To see the world however you like... and to experience it accordingly.

I have devoted over 30 years in the pursuit and study of the nature of reality, the Science of Mind and the Science of Deliberate Creation. Looking into the complexities of metaphysical concepts and universal law. Working at unraveling the various theories and techniques coupled to the Law of Attraction to understand the process of manifestation. I even wrote a book on the topic of co-creation. For me it has been an intoxicating field of study to say the least. A field I soon learned that had within it the proverbial rabbit hole lurking. Well, I didn’t find it, it found me, and I fell in. It’s a deep subject full of mystery and intrigue, but the thought of understanding more of not only who we really are, but just how things we sometimes don’t pay any attention to actually work, has made that fall a thrill ride.

I’ve learned and am still leaning, much more than I have time to share here. However, one important truth I learned was that we humans create our world in one of two ways, by intention or by default. By being conscious of your gift of thought and using it to build your life, or by being unconscious of your thinking, not realizing the power your thoughts wield, as you live your life by random happenstance.

Right now, my work as a transformational life coach is to help people manifest their dreams and desires. To literally create their world, or at least a part of it by intention if you will. It sounds like a tall order but really, they do all the work. It starts with them using their gift of thought. The very gift we all use, mostly unconsciously from the time we open our eyes in the morning until we let go to fall asleep each night. Their first exercise now, is to think about what they’re thinking about because what you think about expands.

By becoming aware of what you’re thinking about helps you see why you are experiencing what you’re experiencing and if what you’re experiencing is inconsistent with what you want in your life well, guess what? Something has to change.

The people I work with have these desires. We all have desires really, but these folks really want to bring them into the light of day. Now I could tell you where these desires come from and why we get them, but I’d be putting one foot into that rabbit hole and we don’t have time for that now.

Suffice to say that these desires bring on a little more intense or focused thinking. We call this imagination. Imagination is the gemstone we harvest with focused thinking. Once you’ve engaged the power of your imagination toward a goal or desire, something else magically appears that becomes the next ingredient necessary to realize your dream. That is e-motion, or energy in motion.

Once your wonderful imagination has built the picture of what you want, the emotion you feel actually experiencing the realized desire in thought, becomes the accelerate that brings it to you from nowhere to now here. As wonderful as this all sounds, it is a double-edged sword because if you’re not thinking about what you want, you very well may be thinking about what you don’t want which will still produce emotion, unfortunately negative emotions. Creating by default.

Now I’m not revealing any secrets here because you’ve all been doing it in one form or another for years. You’ve all heard the saying, be careful what you think about, because you just might get it. Truer words were never spoken.

May I suggest you examine your gift, get your intentions in order, and hand them over to your imagination? Your desires are a focused thought away.

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Entry 9 Painting the Canvas

April 1, 2019

Without even realizing it, your mind is creating, designing and following through with some map, plan, or idea of who you are right now. The mind has a tendency to constantly paint old pictures on the canvas, and yet the future is blank so, there is always room for more! If you believe that the past creates the future, how could you possibly give life to any of your desires? What if who you become tomorrow has nothing to do with who you thought you were yesterday? In order to become a conscious co-creator , you must learn to continuously live in this FREE creative space where you are always choosing the pictures you want to paint about your tomorrow, instead of leaving it up to the whimsical design created by yesterday’s memories. When the mind is truly free from ANY limiting thoughts or beliefs, you will realize that ANYTHING in this Universe is possible for you to attain. This is when your life gets really exciting!

It’s important to understand that living as if the future is a blank canvas also means trusting the great unknown and the infinite possibilities it contains. Something miraculous happens when you take on this mission. Stress leaves your body, you relax deeper inside about everything, and you experience an infinite supply of energy inside you that you may not have realized was there. Trusting life’s unfolding process is the foundation for a powerful manifesting vibration.

Something very powerful and divine ignites inside you when you release your attachment to the mind’s illusions of your past, present and future. The constant struggle for attaining what you want suddenly becomes a big letting go game. The borders on your blank canvas disappear, and you realize that what you can create happens first on the inside, in your imagination. Now, your life is about embracing the unknown instead of avoiding it. Those challenging parts of yourself become a place of curiosity and source of creativity, giving you a palette of paints and paintbrushes, with a divine inner direction to explore.

Beware that your mind will always try to get ahead of you and re-establish its old concepts about the past and future. It feels comfortable being attached to ideas and struggling to attain its desires. Your mind likes to think it’s in charge of everything. Yet, the more enforcing it is the more struggling you experience, and the less inspired creativity flows through. To discover what you really want, no struggle is needed. The only requirement is a deep relaxation into the realization of the infinite unbounded being you already are.

The mind cannot grasp this. It can only comprehend specific techniques, strategies, tools, and formulas. It is very demanding and wants to know HOW I can have what I want NOW! It believes that there is only one magical formula that will work every time. The mind is a constantly searching mechanism that doesn’t know anything about SEARCHING. It’s always crazily looking for something substantial to help it reach the top of its magnificent dream. This perpetual desperate searcher is exactly what gets in the way of receiving the desired outcome you want! So, let’s free your mind from the stress it’s creating in your life and give it the real purpose it has been searching lifetimes for. Let’s start this inner journey by exploring the ultimate question. “Just what do I want to experience”? Listen to your heart.